A Story Of Concrete Removal

We all have heard a certain euphemism that will grab our attention and we will likely apply it during conversation from time to time. This is true for any and all of us for the most part. Why not allow the imagery of familiarity work to our benefit when trying to illustrate a point or to send a message of some type or another. Euphemisms can certainly be improperly used either by frequency or by misuse. This can all be annoying and bothersome at times but in the long run, it is not any major violation, we can let it pass.

Far more annoying or even costly is a big job gone bad, especially if in part or in solidarity your fault. This can be a tough bit of business to absorb and can be the demise of a job position or a blown budget or even something dangerous. Sometimes, it is best to choose a partner for some specialty work, that not all jobs are self-made. Pick a leader to come to the site and assess the job and make a bid. This would be a minimal first step in analyzing your options. Some jobs require a whole bunch of brain power to complete, some require a whole bunch of extra muscle or man-power to complete.

Some residential or commercial level projects are big time and you need a helping hand and removing a large amount of concrete is certainly one of them. The need to turn the concrete from the ground is a big job in of itself; probably a minimum of a Jack Hammer for several hours or a couple days to break it all down. Once the concrete is into smaller chunks, you then must have a way to get the heavy concrete into a large heavy duty truck.  This type of job is right up the alley of the team of Saw Jockey.

Strong Back not Enough – Use Heavy Machinery

Ted Turner the not so bright small jobber gave off quite a bit of hard to define energy when meeting this guy for the first time. He seemed to have a difficult to pin down form of confidence, when upon closer review, it was a hodgepodge of arrogance and ignorance. Ted could fool some folks early on in meeting them, he seemed to grab their attention as his mannerisms were quick and seemingly with purpose. The tone of voice he used in general conversation was a bit too loud and he sometimes talked as if he was in a larger room, talking to more than the one or two people that were in the conversational circle.

Ted as a small time jobber who had basically been staying afloat for years, had some working knowledge of certain residential projects in dealing with concrete slabs, sidewalks, a small drive way or a patio type project. This was good on the occasional job he was able to complete successfully. The homeowner could save maybe 10-15% on the overall expense of the project. Although it often took much longer than Ted would state in the bidding portion of the trying to gain the job.

Clean it Out with Style

Ted is known to exaggerate his capabilities. He has made many mistakes in bidding on projects, but he cuts corners and still does everything possible to assure he makes adequate profit. Be smart like some others in the neighborhood; go with the team at Saw Jockey when you have a medium to large job of concrete removal Utah requirement. These guys know the gig and they will get it done in a hurry and it will be done on budget and it will be a decision you can be proud of.

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By Rodney Hall

Rodney enjoys building content for Mommy Content and working with clients like Saw Jockey who are masters of concrete removal Utah and have been applauded by all.