Are Dad Blogs Worth Following?

The simple answer is yes. As a mum blogger I have to be completely honest and say I find dad blogs to be truly awesome. Are mums allowed to use the word awesome? Well I did anyway. Men pretty much blog about everything. Dad blogs are not just cars and sports, whichis something that really surprised me when I started to research them a little. Dad blogs can be funny, totally entertaining, andsome dads out there are really big softies when it comes to theirkids… well letsbe honest, who isn’t?

Are Dad Blogs Worth Following?

Take just as an example. This guy has triplets, all girls, which, for anyone who has girls knows that one alone can be a real handful, but he has three and he says cheerful. He is just great in my book. He blogs about all kinds of things, such as taking his girls for their first haircut, playing intheback garden and the latest blog which I find great is how he made bunk beds to suitthe small space in his girl’s bedroom,a helpful post for anyone with several kids. The posts come with pictures to help bring each one alive. All in all a great little blog that is a light hearted read.

So anyone who follows me on a semi regular basis knows that I do not do the outdoors. When I say that I mean, yes of course I love days out withmy kids, Ispend time doing my garden, I like to go for walks, but I do not like overnight stays in the woods, in a tent, with the creepy crawlies. But thanks to it looks like there will be a lot of that in my future. My husband found the blog whiletrying to find some ideas on how to keep the kids entertained in the summer holidays and now he thinks camping is an excellent idea. My husband loves the idea that the author of the blog is doing these things with his kids because of the happy memories he has of doing them with his family when he was younger. I tried to argue the point that my kids will love to have memories of a five star hotel too, but it fell in deaf ears. Camping it is then… I can’t wait!

One of the funniest dad blogs I have read lately is It is funnybecause it is so honest and the posts are those that most of us can relate to. If you do not mind a little swearing then have a read of this blog. All the trials of being a parent are right there in front of you in brutal honest detail. Not all posts are related to his kids, some even talk about things that happened when he himself was a child. But it is an enjoyable read all the same.

A quick search online will bring up hundreds of dad blogs, they are so entertaining you will find yourself not getting very much else done.