Are Houses In Richmond Too Small?

Richmond Virginia is one of the prettiest cities in the United States. Enjoying balmy weather and mild winters, the area offers beautiful surroundings and boasts many historic homes from before the Civil War. The people of Richmond also have a well-earned reputation for being neighborly and hospitable, making it one of the friendliest places to live. However, for all of the advantages there is one big downside to living in Richmond: the houses often run on the small side.

In some cases this is because historic houses were just smaller than what we expect today. Even in newer subdivisions, houses tend not to sprawl as much, and basements are uncommon, leaving people with limited storage space. So what do you do? Depending on your budget, here are three options:

1. A modular addition. Adding an addition sounds like a huge project and it can be. But many construction companies make it easy with modular, prefabricated add-on rooms. The siding, paint, and roofing can all be chosen to match your home, and once the addition is on it looks nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the house – except that now you’ll have an extra room (or two) at a fraction of the cost of building them from the ground up.

2. A pole barn. If you have the land, a small pole barn makes a great storage space with far more room and functionality than a shed. Pole barns can be built easily from pre-assembled kits and can often be erected in a single weekend. Getting the permit for a pole barn is easy, and the amount of space inside even a small one is comparable to a garage – usually with more rafter storage. Because of the large amount of space inside, a pole barn can be multifunctional. Use it to store a vehicle on one side, yard and garden equipment on the other side, and season supplies in the back or in the rafters.

3. Storage units. The least expensive and easiest option for extra storage is to rent a storage unit. Richmond, VA storage unitsare an increasingly popular option, and there are many different sizes and arrangements available depending on what you need. Look for a storage unit with secure keypad access and a video surveillance system. An on-site manager during the day is also a nice feature.

Of course, different homeowners have different storage needs and there are many ways to address those needs. Do you live in Richmond, VA? Do you use a storage unitor another method to gain a little extra space?

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