Are You A Victim Of Medical Malpractice?

During a medical treatment when something goes wrong and complications arise or clinical negligence occurs, it is referred to as a medical mistake. When you have experienced an injury because of medical malpractice, you should get the right treatment to correct the injury and get a second opinion from another hospital. After you have taken care of your health, you might want an apology, compensation and some action against the person responsible so that the same mistake does not happen again.

If you have been injured, either physically or psychologically, because of negligence on part of the healthcare provider, you can claim compensation. You should get in touch with a lawyer for some valuable law tips for medical mistakes and to receive direction regarding the seriousness of your injury to make the claim. It is not worth taking legal action if you suffer from a minor injury from which you can recover within a few days or a week and you don’t have to spend a lot of money for the treatment.

Any injury as a result of clinical negligence is only entitled for compensation. Legally, the courts cannot discipline healthcare professionals or enforce hospital to change its procedures or seek apology from the doctor. Making a legal claim is stressful and can be traumatic for those with severe injuries. This is because they have to relive the trauma over and over again at court trial sessions. Moreover, an adverse effect of suing your doctor might be a difference in the attitudes of healthcare professionals towards you.

One of the law tips for medical mistakes that your lawyer might give you is that you should be able to pay for legal action. Unfortunately, if you lose the case, you can risk losing the money. Legal action does not guarantee that you would win the case or you will receive the compensation amount you desire. Legal action is useful in cases where people who have been the victims of a medical accident do not have much money to pay for care or equipment they need.

When you are making a legal claim for clinical negligence, it is best to contact an experienced lawyer because clinical-negligence claims are very complicated. Attorneys would clearly understand the medical and legal issues involved. Without a lawyer, it would be difficult to file a clinical negligence claim and worse is that if you lose, you will have to pay the expenses of the other party.

With a lawyer in place, you can formally complaint to a professional regulatory company and be prepared to handle issues such as doctor wanting to stop treatment or primary health care provider refusing to treat you. You will also receive advice on the Human Rights Act and your rights as a patient and how to deal with product liability. With law tips on medical injuries, you will know when to file a compensation claim before the limitation period ends which starts when you first received treatment or suffered a medical injury.

Nikos Rotsides is the director of Rotsides law firm which can help you any medical or clinic negligense occurs in Cyprus

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