Arrested: 5 Steps To Helping A Spouse Who’s In Jail

Your partner has made a mistake and landed in jail. This might be the time when you’re likely to panic, and many people do. Divorce may seem like a plausible solution and while this may be the appropriate route to take depending on just how serious the circumstance is, it’s advisable to take a step back, take a deep breath and really evaluate the situation objectively. Make no mistake about it – this is a time when your spouse needs you the most. Here is a checklist on things you can do to help a spouse who is in jail.

Don’t Cause a Scene

It is natural to want to protect your partner. This may involve angrily storming down to the police station to try and plead or defend your partner. However this can quickly backfire and lead to bigger issues. A better idea is to cooperate with the process on your partner’s behalf; you’ll make everything go more smoothly.

Manage Your Partner’s Affairs

If your partner had a job to do, bills to pay, or important meetings coming up, be sure to manage these well. Employ the use of productivity apps available on the Google Play marketplace or Itunes. Apps such as Task List and Life Organized are fantastic productivity apps that will help you manage your spouse’s affairs. Make sure that your spouse isn’t left with a mess when he or she gets out of jail.

Arrested: 5 Steps To Helping A Spouse Who's In Jail

Protect Your Partner’s Image

If it’s likely that others will find out about your spouse being arrested, do all you can to avoid this. That may involve making up excuses for why your partner was absent from events, or making sure that the details of the story don’t get to reporters. The important thing is protecting you partner’s image at all costs.

Put Up Bail

If your spouse can get out of detainment on bail, be sure to raise the money to pay the bail. A quick bail bond allows your spouse to get out of the police station quickly and become less subject to the emotional trauma at the police station. By putting up bail, you’ll give your partner relief from the situation at hand.

Seeking a Lawyer’s Attention

A lawyer might be necessary to clear up some of the damage caused by the arrest. If you can start this process immediately, it will help your spouse’s outcome once he or she gets released from the police office. Even if you don’t think a lawyer is necessary, you may want to do some research to determine the repercussions that could be caused by the arrest.

Depending on how serious the crime that your partner committed was, you may be able to clear up a lot of the damage done by the arrest. Your efforts will mean a lot to your partner and show that you will help him or her power through the arrest and return to normal life. Start by following the five steps above to give your partner the best support during his or her arrest.