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Talking To Young Children About Divorce

When there are children involved, the decision to divorce is one of the most difficult choices two people can make together, even in the worst of times. Tangled up in the emotion of the

Injured Under The Knife: Do Surgeons Deserve A Second Chance?

In 2007, when 77 year old Maribeth Chase received a relatively routine surgery to remove pooling blood from her brain, she became a victim of medical malpractice.  The procedure, which was performed by a

Avoiding Wedding Day Mishaps – 8 Points

When it comes to wedding mishaps, some, like inclement weather or a sick bridesmaid can be quite common, and unfortunately, unavoidable. But luckily, many possible wedding day hiccups can be easily avoidable as long

9 Biggest Beauty Mistakes That Turn Him Off

The media likes to portray Kim Kardashian as one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced the planet. She may be beautiful, but a lot of normal men don’t find her all