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The History Of Bobblehead Dolls

The notion that bobblehead dolls would ever become such a large part of the American culture probably seemed unlikely to most folks at first. But that’s just what these iconic toys have achieved over

6 Steps To Stardom: How To Market Your Music

The music industry has been drastically transformed over the last decade, with the days of musicians struggling to get signed to music labels for promotion long gone, thanks to the Internet. Self-promotion has never

Five Smart Ways to Use Credit Wisely

Between loans, lines of credit, and credit cards, it is very easy to get into trouble with credit if you aren’t careful.  Good credit is essential in today’s world; therefore, it is important to

Be Sweet to Your Feet: 5 Tips to Prevent Painful Podiatry

Depending on a person’s activity level and choice of exercises, the feet can really take a beating. Dancing, sports, running, speed-walking, wearing high heels, accidents and genetics can all play a role in foot

5 Rules to Help You Avoid Wasting Time at the Gym

If you’re lucky, you might get an hour or so at the gym two or three times a week. Maybe you enjoy that time, or maybe it’s all your can do to get through

The Unconventional Bride: Famous Colored Stone Engagement Rings

An engagement ring seeks to be a physical express of the singular and profound love that leads a couple to marriage.  The ring should be as unique as the couple and several celebrity brides