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All About Eyelash Extensions

What women don’t want longer eyelashes? We see models, actresses and singers all with these amazing eyelashes and we want them too. There is no shortage of products on the market to help us

Research A Care Home Before Putting A Loved One In It

If we can only manage to take care of our elders at home by giving them all the support they need all the time, then what a wonderful living it would be. However, for

Crested Wedding Glasses Make A Great Wedding Favor

Wedding season is almost over. Thank god! I’ve been to over 5 this year and it’s taken its toll. My friends all like the drink and party so each wedding has been tough on

Am I Getting Alzheimer’s?

Maybe it happens as a person nears a benchmark birthday like the Big 5 – 0.  You forget something and suddenly panic, “Am I getting Alzheimer’s?” The truth more likely is that you just

What Your Cleaning Lady Wants You To Know

Hello.  I’m a Vancouver cleaning services provider and I’d like to share with you some ideas that a group of house cleaning colleagues recently discussed about our clients and what we’d like them to

When 70 Is Not The New 60 – Senior Driver Safety

The chronology of a person does not always match the “benchmark” points of that person’s life and wellness.  For example, let’s look at driver competency.  Some drivers are competent till very late in their

One Thing Is Perfectly Clear

When it comes to the legality of electronic cigarettes in Canada, one thing is perfectly clear:  nothing is clear! Call them e-cigarettes, personal vaporizers, e-cigs, e-smokes, or PVs.  They are battery-operated electronic devices that

Resisting The Aging Conundrum

Ever walked down to the Market Square in Victoria BC and reminded yourself of the image of an old man unable to shop without the assistance of somebody to support their aching body? It’s

The Benefits Of Building A House

Real estate is an illusion of financing. While most people choose to buy a resale home instead of building a new one because of economic reasons, customizing isn’t that bad but rather advantageous in

5 Reasons To Hire An Online Personal Trainer

A few months back I decided to hire a personal trainer Victoria. I had wanted to do it for some time and I’m glad I finally did. I lost a lot of weight, became