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7 Mistakes A Boudoir Photographer Should Avoid

Every single boudoir photographer out there has made at least one mistake in their career, but what matters in the end is that they learn something from it. However, there are some mishaps a

Determining The Perfect Bathroom Sink

For most guys, the bathroom is a just a place to bathe, brush their teeth and do the usual morning deed. No pun intended boys, but am I right? Well for us ladies, the

Healthy Baked Chicken Burrito Recipe

Does that sound right, a healthy chicken burrito? Yup! Baked chicken burritos are so delicious! Moreover, they are quick to prepare, cook and serve. While you are worrying what food to make in your

4 Tips for Your Wedding Day Menu Creation

Preparing for a wedding, whether you like or not, is fussy. You can’t help worrying about the designs of your clothes, the design of the invitation cards, the flower arrangement, the theme and the

5 Tips To Remember When Buying Outdoor Tiles

It’s understandable that you’re surfing the net for some advice on outdoor tiles, well, they’re a bit trickier to pick than indoor ones. You’ve got a lot of things to factor in and a