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7 Reasons To Get Plantation Shutters

When it comes to decorating your home, you have a ton of options. For each room you have options, but there’s one constant in each room: windows. In each room, you’ll likely have multiple

8 Design Ideas To Make Your Apartment Look Like A Home

Living in an apartment that isn’t aesthetically pleasing to your senses is depressing, especially if you spend a lot of your time in it. And you can forget about inviting guests over for dinner

The Working Professional: 5 Ways To Help You Unwind After Work

For the working professional, scheduling is deathly important: wake up, eat a good breakfast, get the morning workout in, take out the family pet (even if you don’t have kids, your four legged buddy

How To Renew Your Lease On Life

We have all made mistakes in the past. Some of us have royally destroyed our credit thanks to a college bender, while others of us have a lot of rebuilding to do when it

Who Needs Walls? A Guide To Creating The Perfect Outdoor Room

Entertaining guests and relaxing in your own living room are great ways to kick back, but why not try it in your back yard? Who said sofas are just for the living room? Use

Keeping Safe in Suburbs of Big Cities

Before the rise of the American Suburb, people lived in cities or the rural areas around them. While most believe that the city is where crime stays, the suburbs have done a great job

4 Ways to Simplify Life as a Working Mom

Working moms are superheroes. You go to work, do a great job, take care of the kids, take care of the house, and so much more. When you’re so busy that you don’t have

5 Tips to Making the Perfect Home Theater

For movie lovers, creating the ultimate home cinema experience is a dream come true, and it can be done for a very reasonable price with a bit of smart shopping. Here are 5 top