Avoiding Violent Crime: Knowing Your Safety Zone

Everyone wants to believe that they will be safe no matter where they go. This kind of thinking can sometimes lull us into a false sense of security. Unfortunately, a violent crime happens every 19 seconds in the United States, and quite often the victims of these crimes are women. Therefore, it is essential that women make the effort to be are aware of their surroundings, and rely on their instincts to help steer them away from potentially dangerous situations. Even though prospective danger can exist in any environment, certain locations are known to create a heightened potential for danger. 

Avoiding Violent Crime: Knowing Your Safety Zone

Areas that Require Extra Caution

1. The ATM

We’ve all had that moment. Standing out-side the bank, fumbling through the seemingly endless pit in our purses, in hot pursuit of a wallet. This can make you look like an easy target if you visit an ATM alone. It is always a good idea to use ATMs that you can drive up to, and you should also avoid counting your money in public. Many criminals believe women make easy targets; a confident and organized appearance can dissuade an attacker of this notion.

2. Parking Lots

Getting in and out of your vehicle is something that happens so often that it’s likely you rarely consider the possible dangers involved. While it is especially important to be careful if you are walking in a deserted parking lot at night, criminals have also been known to strike in the middle of a busy and well-lit area. To reduce your odds of being selected as a target, you should wear your purse across your body, and keep your head up with your eyes facing forward. Looking down or appearing distracted makes you more appealing to a criminal.

3. Stairwells

Although it is particularly important to pay close attention when you are in the stairwell of a publicly accessible area such as a parking garage, you should also remain alert when you are using the stairs in more familiar places such as at work or in your apartment building. If an area is too dark due to a burnt out light bulb, you should strongly consider taking an alternative route.

4. Fringe Areas

Additionally it’s also important to consider situations where you may feel overly confident, for example leaving a party or an event, especially if you’ve been consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, violent criminals prey on situations like these, moments when your thoughts are diverted and your awareness is compromised. A good way to maintain your safety in these instances is to walk with a friend or consider carrying a whistle which is a great way to scare off a would-be perpetrator.

As expressed by the attorneys of the DeVore Law Office group in Minnesota, “Serious personal injury is hard to live with.” Ultimately preventing violent crime and ensuring personal safety is about being aware. While you should never let the possibility of impending dangers make you fearful and impede upon your enjoyment of life, being mindful of your surroundings can make all the difference in avoiding becoming a victim and keeping yourself safe.

Bio: Genoa O’Brien forwards this advice on personal safety for women and advocates along with the attorneys at the DeVore Law Office that, should you become a victim of violent crime, know that you are not at fault and that reporting the incident indeed helps save lives.

 (Photo Credit) http://www.flickr.com/photos/vuhung/3231943562/