Avoiding Wedding Day Mishaps – 8 Points

When it comes to wedding mishaps, some, like inclement weather or a sick bridesmaid can be quite common, and unfortunately, unavoidable. But luckily, many possible wedding day hiccups can be easily avoidable as long as the necessary steps are taken prior to the big day.

In order to have your wedding day run as smoothly as possible, consider all of the little things that could potentially go wrong and plan ahead with ways to side-step these fiascos if and when they happen.

1) Dress Mishaps

Birde Hodling Bouquet, Negril, Jamaica

(Credit: Radius Images)

 It’s happened to many a bride. You step into the dress, ready to walk down the aisle and you hear the unthinkable, an audible rip. In case this happens to you, be sure to have matching thread and a needle at the ready just in case some last minute stitches need to be made.

Also, make sure you have a “dress rehearsal” a least a week prior to the wedding so that you can avoid things like jammed zippers, missing buttons, etc.

2) Book a Hair and Makeup Trial

Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence for a bride to be unhappy with the way her hair and makeup turns out on the day. It can be a nightmare situation, on the day that you want to look your absolute best, your hair and makeup comes out totally wrong.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, book a hair and makeup trial prior to the day and take pictures of the positive results so that there will be no surprises the morning of your wedding.

3) When Vendors Fall Ill

No matter how well you plan, people get sick, and yes, your florist, photographer and hair stylist can too. Always inquire with your vendors about an illness backup plan so that you won’t be stuck with something you hate if someone falls ill.

4) Fainting and Fatigue

As you’re running around, getting ready to watch all of your plans come to fruition, you may neglect to eat, drink or even sleep, and fainting and fatigue can be the result.

Keep cold water and light snacks like nuts, dried fruits and even candy on hand to replenish you, and if it’s a hot day, have an umbrella or parasol close by to block out the rays.

5) Things may Run Late

At the most inopportune time, things can run late, so always schedule in a little extra time in between each location/event just in case you encounter unexpected and untimely delays. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

6) Keep an Eye on your Cake

Be sure to place you cake (especially tiered cakes) on an extremely solid surface/table, away from the bustle of the dance floor. The last thing you want to see on your wedding day is your dream cake splattered on the ground in a mess of fruit and buttercream. Almost every wedding consultant can recall a time when a cake was shook right off the table when 100 plus people began to dance, don’t let it be you.

7) Listen to the Music

Anticipating a great night of dancing, most couples will immediately begin compiling a list of favorite songs for their DJ to play throughout the course of the evening.

Unfortunately, they often forget one thing, to request songs that they absolutely don’t want played.

So if you have certain songs like the YMCA or Macarena that you detest, make sure to create a second “don’t play” list that your DJ can keep close at hand.

8) Select the Right Shoes

Close-up of Wedding Shoes

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 When picking the right shoes to wear on your wedding, always consider comfort not matter how cute the style.

Despite the fact that you may be drawn to a certain pair of amazing heels, consider the toll that they will take on your feet before you make a final purchase.

Sore feet will put a damper on your entire night, so pick a pair that you can dance the night away in, and always be sure to break them in before your “I dos”.  Your feet will thank you for it.
It’s rare for a wedding to go off without a hitch, but to keep your day as close to perfect as possible, plan ahead and be ready with easy solutions to counter any mishaps that may come your way.