Bangalore – A Perfect Destination For The Senior Backpackers

Bangalore, an old yet contemporary city, bringing the best of both worlds to the table is indeed a destination visiting which has to be in your travel itineraries. From the historical landmarks like Tipu Sultan’s palace, Vidhana Soudha to more than a dozen of temples, revered churches like St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral to swankiest pubs and bars that have earned it the sobriquet of the “bar capital of India”, there is a wide array of interesting tourist attractions to explore and relish that leaves a long-lasting impression on every backpacker long after they have left the city. From the surrounding, it is quite easy to get an idea that although the city is old, it is still young and juvenile by nature. The faces from different regions and backgrounds that you will come across while walking down the street, eating in a restaurant, or at a public square will be generally young.

The mix of young crowd in the population certainly adds a lively and vibrant element to the place’s electric character. It is because of this reason that for a majority of the cases Bangalore is considered as a destination for the young. However, seniors who are still young by heart and love exploring places, Bangalore is certainly a place to be during the vacation. The city is safe, even at late hours, plus, there are hotels in Bangalore that are replete with all sorts of amenities and facilities that make a senior traveler’s stay comfortable and convenient. Apart from that the fact that the city is well-connected and it is quite easy and convenient to get around within the province of the place, senior travellers are certain to have a wholesome holiday experience.

Bangalore - A Perfect Destination For The Senior Backpackers

A couple of popular places for the seniors in the city include: Bangalore Fort, Cubbon Park, Bangalore Palace, Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain, Lal Bagh, National Gallery of Modern Art, Sanket Tank, and Tippu’s Palace. Taxis are easily available, however, it is advisable for the old travelers to appoint a professional guide, and because being with a tour guide cuts down all the redundancies and hassles related to tour. It is simply not advisable for the senior tourists to travel in the public modes of transportation, even though, they are the excellent mediums to explore and relish the true essence of the city.

For the senior backpackers who love to enjoy a fine dinner with their loved ones, there are multiple good restaurants that take a good care of the hygiene as well as serve healthy food. There are also a couple of good options for the vegetarians. The Orchard, Carrots Restaurant, Agaman Vegetarian, and 1947 Restaurant being some of the most popular options. That being said, it is advisable to keep away from the heavy, spicy, and cheesy items as much as you can, and carry some medications and emergency contact number with you all the time.

In a nutshell, filled with all the comforts and conveniences, plus, hosting a plethora of interesting and unique tourist attractions Bangalore is indeed a good place to visit. Also, for individuals who crave for more opportunities to explore and relish the popular destination in South India, Vijayawada is another good destination that is not too far from Bangalore. Go, ahead and book tickets for one of the Bangalore to Vijayawada flights and get busy exploring a yet another historic city.