Bathroom Remodel: How To Choose Tile, Toilet, Cabinet For Bathroom

Bathroom is no longer dark, moist place with odor. It can be bright, clean as other rooms in our home. The key is choosing the right construction material and furniture for it.


When choosing tile for bathroom, water proof, anti-skidding and easy to clean are the features should be considered. Inferior smooth floor tile or tile with convex-concave can prevent people from sliding. For small bathroom, tile with high reflection rate has the effect of expand space visually. Vitrified tiles are often used in bathroom for good anti-skidding and wear resistance. Glazed tile is often used as bathroom wall tile. After processed by glazing treatment, glazed tile has diversified colour, more choice in pattern, and good antifouling property. As the bathroom floor tile has requirement for gradient, small sized tile is the best choice, such as 300×300 or less than 300. The water absorption of it is around 1%. The size for bathroom wall tile is various, 200×300、300×400 are common size. The water absorption is around 10%. The price of bathroom tile has great difference. It can range from several dollars to hundreds dollars. As the area for bathroom is 3 to 8 square meters, well- known brand is more preferred for it. It can provide reliable service and high quality product.

Bathroom Remodel: How To Choose Tile, Toilet, Cabinet For Bathroom

Flush Toilet:

Flush toilet is the core for bathroom remodeling. Water saving toilet with 6 liter rinse volume is the most common product on the market. The toilet on the market can be divided into two categories from flushing way: hydrocone type and washdown. Compared with washdown toilet, hydrocone type toilet can flush and siphon at the same time. The dirt can be drained quickly. Hydrocone type toilet can be divided into flushing type, votex shedding, hydrojet and front load type and so on. Siphon votex shedding type toilet and hydrojet toilet have specialized water entry. The water enters into the toilet from the bottom of the water tank. This avoid the generation of noise. They are called silent toilet. For saving cost, some manufacturers may do not use glaze in the water return bend of toilet. Some use gland with small elasticity and poor sealing property in it. This kind of toilet will be easy to scale, block and leak. So customer should check whether the water return bend is smooth or not when shopping toilet. The glaze of toilet is smooth and has no flaw. It is smooth as new after flushing repeatedly. After-sales service is also important when shopping toilet. Installation, warranty service should be clear before place order.

Bathroom Cabinet:

Cabinet is the main part of bathroom furniture. The materials used for it can be natural stone, artificial stone, fire proof plate, baking varnish, glass, metal, solid wood and so on. Many customers prefer wooden cabinet. Wooden cabinet has high requirement for bathroom humidity – that is separating the shower area with other area to provide dry environment for wooden cabinet. The bathroom cabinet can be divided into suspension type and floor type. The hardware on the cabinet processed by damp proof treatment has better moisture resistance. Wall mounted cabinet with high leg or wheel can block the moisture. Besides, when choosing cabinet, except well designed appearance, convenient to maintain should also be considered, such as the maintenance of pipe and the use of valve. Find bathroom remodeling tips here.