Bed Bug Myth Buster: Surprising Facts About The Notorious Little Hitchhikers


Although the bed bug epidemic is only growing worse, the information circulating about these pests is often inaccurate and confusing. The following myths will help you determine how much you really know about bed bugs.

Bites mean bed bugs

Did you wake up with unexplained bites? Many people jump to the conclusion that this means that they have bed bugs in their home. It is important, however, to keep a level head, and remind yourself that there are a number of other bugs that bite. Your marks, for example, could have come from mites or fleas instead. In addition, it is possible that there is a medical issue behind the sudden appearance of the “bites.” Check under your mattress, and if you don’t see any signs of bed bugs, visit your doctor to find out more.

Clean homes don’t get bed bugs

You have the same chance of an infestation whether your home is clean or dirty. Bed bugs simply want your blood; they could care less about anything else. While having a lot of junk hanging around your home may make it harder to eliminate the problem, it does not increase your odds of getting bitten. This is true for hotels as well. Clean, expensive resorts are not immune to bed bugs.

Bed bugs don’t have to eat for a year

Bed bugs can actually live for up to 12 months without food, but they generally will not inhabit a house for that long without eating. If the living space is very chilly, a bed bug might stop eating for a short period of time because their metabolism slows. However, under normal conditions, a bed bug will only go for about eight weeks without biting.

Bed bugs bite everyone in the house

Bed bugs often choose one person to be their host. Therefore, if you are the only person getting bitten in your home, bed bugs are still a possibility. In addition, different people react differently to the saliva of bed bugs. Your skin may show the bites where someone else’s skin does not give any sign of being bitten.

Bed bugs are too small to be seen

Yes, bed bugs are little. However, you can see them if you look in the right spots. A fully grown bed bug is about the size of an apple seed. Their eggs, though, are significantly smaller, and you probably won’t be able to see those unless you get out a magnifying glass.

People tend to panic when they think they have a bed bug infestation, and unfortunately, that often leads to the spread of misinformation. By understanding what is true and what is not, you can effectively handle your pest problem.

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