Benefits Of Furniture Upholstery

Making the most of the furniture you already own is always more ideal than purchasing new furniture. Some of the benefits of furniture upholstery are that it’s more cost effective and you can customize your furniture to your specific wants or needs and helps you stay ahead of the latest trends. Reupholstering your furniture is environmentally friendly and is also beneficial with leather.

 Benefits Of Furniture Upholstery


Cost Effective

Furniture upholstery is cost effective. It’s easier on the wallet than you would think to reupholster a quality piece of furniture. For a solid wood piece of furniture, reupholstering it will save you a lot of money instead of buying new furniture.


Furniture upholstery customizes your furniture to your taste and desired décor. There are thousands of upholstery fabrics and trims available so finding a certain print that will match your décor is super easy and should almost never be a problem. You can even stay ahead of the latest magazine trends as well to always match your desired look.

Environmentally Friendly

Furniture upholstery is green. Why add to a landfill and put more pressure on the environment when our planet is already as polluted as it is, when you can cost effectively restore your furniture. It takes 1000 times less carbon dioxide to refinish your furniture than it takes to build a new piece of furniture. Much of the furniture grade wood today is harvested from rainforests mainly in Indonesia and China. Older furniture tends to be more solidly built and a higher quality product compared to today’s low or mid-priced furniture pieces. Newer products also tend to rest on plastic or low quality plywood frames. Therefore, saving your old furniture and refinishing it can help it last for many years.


Leather upholstery is also extremely beneficial. Leather in itself has a longer life span than fabric. It won’t tear and it ages quite well. It is sun and heat resistant. Leather is a natural material made up of pores just like your skin, allowing it to adjust to your body temperature quickly. The value of your furniture will inevitably go up when you have leather upholstery.

Furniture upholstery is very beneficial. Not only will it save you a ton of money, but you get to customize it to get exactly what you want to match your personal style and décor. Reupholstering your furniture is so easy on the environment and if you reupholster leather, you increase the value of your furniture as well.

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