Blocked Drains – A Rectifiable Problem For Houses And Businesses

A blockage in the drainage system of your property can fill you with the dreadful feeling that it will cost a fortune to fix.
The fact is, blocked drains are bad news for any building and if not investigated, over time will cause damage that can run into tens of thousands of pounds to put right. However, give attention to the problem early enough and you may well find that there is a simple and inexpensive way to solve it.
Neglecting your drains is costly
Blocked Drains - A Rectifiable Problem For Houses And Businesses
A drainage system is often subjected to a great deal of neglect and abuse. Let’s face it, how many of us can honestly say that we don’t pour things we shouldn’t down the sink, or let the shower plughole clog up with hair and soap scum? We don’t even think about what we’re doing a lot of the time and yet we still expect our domestic drains to carry all of our waste away quickly and efficiently. It’s no wonder that our drains become blocked and backed up!
Now, there are many straightforward ways that you can help to prevent the drainage system from backing up, but even so, when a serious blockage occurs, it will be vital to get it cleared straight away.
Call in the professionals
Drainage systems around old buildings may be especially vulnerable to blockages. This is because the age of the pipework often causes it to collapse or crack, affecting its ability to carry away water. Broken, blocked or damaged drains may cause water and waste to leak out underground and this, over time, may begin to soak the ground around a building’s foundations, leaking to cracks in the building’s structure. Eventually, this could even cause subsidence, so getting things inspected and fixed promptly is a worthwhile expense in the long run.
This is where a professional drain company can step in and help out. Their professionals will have the knowledge and experience to deal with drainage problems, whatever their cause.
It is a good investment to get your drains checked regularly for potential problems, even if you aren’t aware of any difficulties at present. A professional drain maintenance company can undertake inspections using CCTV equipment so that any prospective issues can be raised in advance of a serious problem developing. This is a good idea for businesses, too, where a drain failure may raise problems with regard to public health and safety.

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