Booking An Airport Hotel vs Early Morning Drives

When we were getting ready to go away on our recent holiday to Florida last month, there was a decision that we as a family struggled to make. Should we splash out on an airport hotel the night before our flight (we flew at 7am which meant getting to the airport at 4am) or take the stump and leave home at 2am to get to the airport in time. The kids weren’t fussed and, to tell the total truth, neither was I but our designated driver of course wanted to book a nearby hotel. Our flight was leaving Gatwick and with that in mind, we started searching the web for hotels near Gatwick airport to are what we could find and get a rough idea as to what it would cost!

We had never booked an airport hotel before and always thought it fairly unnecessary and a waste of money but due to the time we would have had to leave home, we went for it and ended up getting a family room for under £100 for the night through FHR-Net, not bad when you think of the convenience it offers! We only booked a week in advance as well and if we had booked earlier, who knows, we might have got it even cheaper.

The big question you’ll all be asking however, I’m sure, is whether or not it was worth it! As you’re aware, we initially had our doubts as to whether or not the convenience was worth the money or not but after the experience, we would have paid double! The simple fact of not having to leave home at 2am meant we got an extra few hours sleep and that we weren’t in a rush to the airport! The last thing anyone wants to do is be stressed and rushed before the board a long-haul flight and with that in mind, if in doubt about booking a hotel, just go for it, you’ll be glad you did!