Boutique Hotels, A Cut Above

During the 1980’s, Boutique hotels were introduced to the great cities of the world with the very first boutique hotels being brought to London, New York and San Francisco.

Why stay in a Boutique Hotel?

The high standard of boutique hotels has been the linchpin of the boutique style hotels success over the last 30 years. There are many visitors to the boutique style hotels as there are many advantages to staying overnight in a boutique hotel: –

  • Quality, comfort and luxurious accommodation
  • Size and  styles of the boutique hotels – very modern, fresh and clean
  • Good value for Money – more often than not boutique style hotels offer good value for money.

The size, styles and cost for people to stay at boutique hotels varies considerably; whether or not the hotel is good value for money is determined by personal taste and preference.

Due to the higher quality in rooms and general facilities, Boutique hotels are a step above from the usual large budget chain hotels that we all see every day. The larger budget chain hotels are often much cheaper and offers a less personal experience than a boutique hotel.

Many business men and women stay in boutique style hotels due to the higher quality and size of rooms and more often than not, the better facilities that the boutique hotels provide to guests.

So do Boutique Hotels Really Offer their Guests Extra?

Boutique hotels are perceived by guests to offer a higher class of service perhaps because of how staff comes across; there seems to be more emphasis on the training of staff. In addition to the staff being trained to generally a higher standard, the facilities within the rooms and the hotels themselves are usually second to none; the bedrooms are often very classy and stylish offering more space than a cheaper, more mainstream hotel. Many of the boutique hotels just have that extra panache and class.

Small Boutique Hotel or Bed & Breakfast

Some of the bed and breakfasts now call themselves a small boutique hotel as the name boutique is known to offer that little extra; this can have an impact on the boutique name itself, as there are hotels that are not really boutique calling themselves a boutique style hotel.


Not all boutique hotels have a higher standard of accommodation or facilities for that matter, but the general rule in terms of the quality of stay a guest can expect from a boutique hotel is higher than a bed and breakfast or a mainstream hotel.

The author Mark is the owner of a very succesful and stunning boutique Grafton hotel, Harrogate. Mark has several years experience within the hotel industry.