Brightening Your Smile Professionally – Why It’s Better Than OTC Treatments

More and more individuals understand the importance of a movie star smile.  The smile is the first thing that gets noticed about a person and sets the pace for the first impression.  A good looking smile also increases one’s self-esteem and has health benefits as well.  When an individual practices proper oral hygiene, the doorway, to their overall health is improved.  In order to enhance or whiten their smiles, many individuals are finding that a professional teeth whitening treatment provides the best result.

There are a number of over-the-counter (OTC) strips, pastes, and even gels that can improve ones’ smile’s brightness.  These products take quite a bit of time to see results, weeks and/or months, and in some cases they won’t make a difference at all (severely stained or discolored teeth).  The reason these products are only this effective is their active whitening agent.  Although it’s potent to do the job over time, it doesn’t compare to the strength of the whitening agent used by professionals.

A professional teeth whitening treatment can be performed two ways, depending on the specialist one sees.  An in-office professional treatment provides noticeably whiter and brighter teeth in just a single visit to your teeth whitening specialist.  The dental professional can provide remarkable results in as little time as one hour.  The manufacturers of this teeth whitening product only supply this professional grade to the specialists.  A whitening treatment begins with the dental professional applying a protective gel to the gums of the patient.  Then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth and with the assistance of a laser light this gel is activated to deeply penetrate the tooth’s dentin.  This makes it possible to release and remove stains from one’s teeth, giving patients the brightest smile possible.

The other professional teeth whitening treatment is an at-home treatment available by some dental professionals.  This treatment uses the same potent whitening gel as the dentist without the laser.  This type of treatment allows patients to perform their whitening process at home with custom made trays provided by the dentist.  The dentist will inform patients of the time necessary to wear the trays and how often they should do their treatment.  Although this method of teeth whitening isn’t as effective as an in-office treatment, it provides better results than that of over-the-counter treatments.

A teeth whitening treatment is the most requested treatment amongst dentists.  And one can see that the treatments available at pharmacies, grocers, and other retailers are making improvements to their products in order to compete with the professionals.  One should remember that the manufacturers of teeth whitening agents only provide the best and most potent product to the professionals.

So if you are looking to brighten your smile, talk with a teeth whitening Orange County specialist.  They will be able to guide you about the best option and treatment to get that movie star smile.