Building The Perfect Website – Why You Need A CMS

The internet has evolved quickly in such a short time. In the late 90s, before you could build a website, you had to be familiar with the technical rules of programming. People spent days mastering the rules behind HTML coding, and invested hours perfecting the layout of each page.
Building The Perfect Website - Why You Need A CMS
Today, all of that has changed. Although a lot of web developers still spend a lot of time writing web codes, you no longer need to be know how to code before you can build your website—and it’s all thanks to the introduction of content management systems.

With a content management system, what would ordinarily have been a slow building process becomes a pleasurable experience. Instead of working with scripts and codes, a CMS allows you to build your website by customizing different themes. And with thousands of themes to choose from, finding the perfect fit for your website is a breeze.

Which CMS should you use to build your Website?

To get the best building experience, you will need to choose the right CMS. Some platforms are notably easier to use than others. Topping the list of favorites is WordPress, a robust CMS that powers over forty million websites. One of the reasons behind its popularity is how easy it is to use. All you need to do is download the program, launch it, and follow the easy instructions. You can instantly adjust the default theme by choosing a more professional design at a site like

WordPress also offers a vast variety of plug-ins that you can use in improving the functionality of your site. Of course, there other popular content management systems like Joomla and Drupal that you may want to consider. However, in terms of ease of use and flexibility WordPress is the best choice.

How Long Does it Take

A lot of effort goes into building a website. You will need to plan your layout, write out the code, and then troubleshoot the website to ensure that there no bugs that you have missed. You will also need to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Bottom line building a website can be quite exhausting, taking anywhere from a week to months. But it is possible for you to have your website designed in less than an hour. Wondering how to make a website withWordPress?

The reason why it is so easy to build a website with WordPress is that it provides the core framework that runs your site. You will not have to invest long hours writing the code because it has already been done.
Instead, the bulk of your efforts will involve editing the theme of the website, uploading images and inserting content. You know… basically, the fun and simple stuff.

Elements of a Good Design- Choosing the Right Theme

If there is any downside to using a CMS like WordPress, it is that, with so many different plugins and themes to choose from, nailing the right design can be challenging. However, the following is a quick shortlist of what you should watch out for when building your site:

  • Choose a color theme that suits your project
  • Pick themes with contrasting colors that complement each other.
  • Choose a theme that comes with an easy navigation
  • Create a ‘Contact’ and ‘About us’ Page
  • Be consistent with your choice of Fonts
  • Do not crowd your page with too many images or content. (Adding space gives your page room to breathe)

Finally, it is vital that you test your website for cross-browser compatibility. Some websites may look great in Chrome and Firefox but appear oddly scrambled when viewed in Internet Explorer. This is largely because of some faulty coding. Of course, the easiest way of guaranteeing that you do not end up with a ‘buggy’ website is to read the reviews of other users and only download from established sources such as

The Bottom Line

Cyberspace is a vast place. There are over a hundred million websites in North America alone. The only way that you can guarantee a steady stream of traffic to your website is by posting fresh content regularly. A content management system is invaluable in this regard. You can make quick updates whenever you want, from any computer and even tablets. You can also create multiple profiles, allowing other people to contribute to your website. This way, your visitors will always have something new to read whenever they stop by, and you will be able to increase your visibility online, without investing too much effort.

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