Buying Clothes For Kids – 4 Tips To Make Sure They Don’t Grow Out Of What You Buy

Buying clothes for children can be an expensive undertaking. No one wants to purchase a closet full of outfits that are not going to fit that child in one month. Kids grow like weeds, and they’re always going to be running around, playing in the mud and ruining the clothes you just bought. This is probably one of the harder, and more expensive, aspects of parenting. However, with a little planning and a solid budget, you can make sure the clothes you get your kids will last, and will fit them through their inevitable growth spurts.

1. One Size Up

When shopping for kids, always purchase the clothing at least one size up. At the very least, this assures that they’re going to wear the clothing through at least one season. Using this strategy increases the chances that the ensembles will be worn out before they’re outgrown. At this stage, kids look cute in billowy clothing, so as long as they’re able to skip, jump, run and play without tripping due to the clothing, they’re golden. Just make sure that they don’t have clothes so baggy that they look homeless!

Buying Clothes For Kids - 4 Tips To Make Sure They Don't Grow Out Of What You Buy

2. Shoes – What To Know

This strategy can also be applied to shoes since kid’s feet tend to also grow at a fast pace. Your second shopping tip, therefore, is not to be shy about purchasing kid’s footwear one size up so that they will outwear them before they outgrow them. Kids animal slippers, for example, are fun for them to wear around the house, but since they won’t be going outside wearing them often, they’re not going to wear them out quickly. Replacing them often due to size doesn’t make too much sense.

3. Clothing Material

The third tip is take into consideration the clothing’s material. The more stretch, the better. While every child’s closet should have at least one pair of jeans, khakis and fitted button up shirts for special occasions, filling up their wardrobes with clothing that doesn’t have a lot of give, doesn’t make too much sense at this stage. Look for clothing made from fleece, cotton, some polyester and some Lycra. Kids play, so purchasing clothing that will not constrain their play activities makes for a happier child and less likely to have an accident due to the clothing.

4. Style

Lastly, when shopping for kid’s clothing, it’s all about the style. First and foremost, most of their wardrobe should be made up of bottoms with an elastic waist. Button bottoms are great, but since kids aren’t exactly proportional yet, even though the length of the bottom is perfect, the waist may not match. An elastic waist will give them the breathing room they need and won’t leave marks around their bellies at the end of the day.

Shopping for kid’s clothing does not have to be expensive. Follow the outlined four tips and the kid’s clothing will be outworn before they’re outgrown all of it, which means that you have more money in your pocket at the end of the day.