Buying The Right Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

If you have bridesmaids for your wedding it is traditional to buy them a gift to thank them for their contribution particularly if they have paid for their own dresses. It can be difficult to choose the right gift especially when you have more than one attendant and they are very different people but with a little thought it is possible to choose a present which they will all love and which will not break the bank.
Buying The Right Gifts For Your Bridesmaids


In choosing your gifts take care not go overboard on cost. Weddings are expensive enough without splashing out on a raft of costly extras and there is a tendency to think that because it is your wedding you need to spend big when in fact you should stick to what you can comfortably afford. Your bridesmaids will not be expecting you to go overboard and would not want you to anyway. A small gesture to show your appreciation is really all that is required.

For the Children

If you have flower girls then beautiful teddy bears can make the perfect gift. These can be mounted inside decorative balloons for an impressive display. You could also consider some pretty jewellery but find something which is suitable for children and can be used again in the future. Silver pendants like crosses, teddy bears and bows are ideal.

Something for the future

So many of the things that you purchase for your wedding only ever get used on the day and then never see the light of day again. It is tempting to buy your bridesmaids something to wear at the wedding but if you do this try to find gifts which can be used again. Jewellery and handbags make great choices but rather than buy accessories in colours which match the dresses find silver or gold pieces which can be used for other occasions. Diamanté handbags are perfect for weddings but can also be used as evening bags and take a look at Estella Bartlett necklaces which are beautiful but inexpensive pieces that would suit a variety of events. Charms are all the rage and if your maids have charm bracelets a new charm for each of them would make a thoughtful gift.


Hopefully your bridesmaids are looking at their very best on your big day and so they will appreciate a professional photograph. Make sure your photographer takes some individual portraits of each bridesmaid and then choose the best ones as gifts. Items inscribed with the date and the name of the bridesmaids are also lovely if your budget would extend to watches or fine jewellery or you could create new memories by treating your attendants to a special day out before or after the wedding.

Do not Stress

Do try not to stress about your choice of gifts as you have enough to worry about arranging the other details of your wedding. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the thought whatever you buy for them. Just trust your judgement and stick to your budget.

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