Can Professional Advice Fix Your Marriage?

When you first get married people may refer to you and your partner as going through ‘the honeymoon season’, this practically means that you and your other half will be infamously happy for a certain period of time and nothing can get in your way of happiness. However, when this ‘honeymoon season’ passes, you may find yourself getting aggravated at things you thought would never bother you.


Years down the line when the honeymoon season has disappeared for good, some couples will have real trouble when it comes to their marriage, putting them in a very unsecure place. Instead of letting your issues and problems build into something huge, it may be worth thinking about seeking some professional advice.

Many couples will swear by marriage guidance and advice, so if you really want to save your marriage, anything is worth try, right?


In some cases, the couple will know what issues they have with one another and what is causing the rift in the marriage, if this is the case; it is probably worth while using a mediator. A mediator will not get involved with the issues between you and your partner; instead, they will sit back as a third party and just ensure that the issues are properly dealt with.

Discussing private issues in the home can prove to be very problematic, resulting in raised voices and shouting. A mediator will ensure that everything stays calm whilst discussing these important issues.


If you believe your problems are too difficult to face alone, you may want to consider seeing a counsellor. You can choose to either see a marriage counsellor together or separately, however a majority of couples will choose to go together.

The counsellor will guide the discussion and ask questions and encourage you as a couple to speak to one another and answer each other’s questions. It is likely the counsellor will be taking notes throughout the meetings, this will be there way of analysing the real issues you may have and how you can solve them.

Professional Advice

If a mediator or counsellor cannot help and solve the issues you have, you may need to obtain some professional advice concerning your marriage. If issues cannot be solved, then you are going to need to use a professional family lawyer to discuss legal issues that may affect personal relationships, finance issues and children if you both decide to end the marriage.

Family lawyers will offer a number of different services, including legal advice for both married and unmarried couples, legal rights when it comes to children, financial settlements, divorce and separation advice and even relationship agreements/contracts.

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