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10 Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy

Good mental health is as important as good physical health.  In fact, those with good emotional health are less at risk for life threatening diseases and they have a longer potential lifespan.  Fortunately, there

5 Devices That Keep Us Clean

Although we go through our days handling any business that comes our way, many people do not realize the small items that are essential to keeping us clean from day to day. While everyone

How To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath can be cured in many ways. But to suffer from bad breath sometimes can be embarrassing. It can cause difficulties with personal relationships and even in your professional lives. If you suffer

“Bio-Hacking” As Competitive Business Advantage

Entrepreneur Dave Aspry of wants you to know that “bio-hacking” — optimizing your body and brain — is a competitive business advantage. He should know; he’s pioneered the term to describe wiring his

Cardio: What Is It Really Good For?

Whether you hide when you hear the word, or you feel like running for miles, cardio is definitely good for you. But what exactly happens inside your body from doing cardio (short for cardiovascular

Warm Up Excercise? How About Cooling Down

These days so many people have started exercising it’s amazing. More and more people are getting into fitness than ever before. You could say that nearly everyone these days wants to fight some kind

How To Preserve Memories Of Your Babies

Every new mom wants to preserve the first few years of her child’s life, and there are many different ways of doing so. Depending on what your interests are, there are a multitude of

10 Ways To Get The Perfect Night Sleep

Did you feel well rested this morning? I slept great. I spent the morning thinking about how important that great night of sleep was to my energy levels for the day. I’ve learned a

Lose Weight with Chicken Soup!

With an eating plan and chicken soup you can regain your figure. If you adore the taste of chicken cooking time will be easier to get over the monotony of the diet front. The