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6 Risks Of Using Illegal Drugs During Pregnancy

Many women are aware there is some sort of risk while doing illegal drugs during pregnancy. What some might not realize, however, just how horrible some of those risk actually are. Some women who

Resisting The Aging Conundrum

Ever walked down to the Market Square in Victoria BC and reminded yourself of the image of an old man unable to shop without the assistance of somebody to support their aching body? It’s

5 Reasons To Hire An Online Personal Trainer

A few months back I decided to hire a personal trainer Victoria. I had wanted to do it for some time and I’m glad I finally did. I lost a lot of weight, became

What Do Naturopathic Doctors Do anyways?

I was at a friend’s house warming party the other weekend. It was great to meet many new people that were close to one of my friends. As with any social interaction with people

5 Signs That Tell You That You Are Becoming An Alcoholic

Alcohol consumption has become a common phenomenon in day-to-day life activities including official parties, public gathering, or wedding parties among others. According to NHS estimation, around 9% of men in the UK and 4%

Top 7 Tips For An Extraordinarily Healthy Respiratory System

A healthy respiratory system is as vital to the human body as a well-tuned engine is to an automobile. The heart and lungs fuel every activity from watching television to vigorous exercise. Simple practices

3 Things To Avoid Before Going In For Cosmetic Surgery

Any form of surgery can be traumatic for your body. By taking a proactive approach to surgery preparation, you can speed up post-operation recovery and overall healing. This is especially important with respect to

Why Poor Nutrition Can Significantly Harm Your Eye Health

You are what you eat. While healthy nutrition energizes your body and helps you fight harmful pathogens, low-quality diet can cause illness and developmental delays. Your eyes are no different. An age-related eye disease

Do The Deli: Supporting Small Town Grocery Stores For Quality Foods and Produce

Deli meats and cheeses were once the quintessential food staples of picnics and lunchboxes. They are ideal travel companions as they are quick to assemble, offer a great variety of flavors, and easy to

5 Crucial Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Accidents in the medical world often happen due to negligence and unprofessional care. While this is unfortunate, it does happen and when it does you must be prepared to go over all the options