Celebrating Love: Anniversary Gift Ideas

Everyone loves getting gifts. Usually, the joy we experience when receiving something from another person is rooted in how the gift makes us feel loved and cared for rather than the material value of the object. A painstakingly drawn picture from a child can mean just as much as a glittering diamond ring. Likewise, a handpicked bouquet of flowers in a vase can be worth its weight in gold when given with love. The best gifts are ones that reflect something about the special relationship that the giver and recipient share. Anniversaries in particular provide an opportunity to demonstrate the strength and commitment of the emotional ties that join two people together.

Anniversary gifts have a long history and tradition dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. The association of silver with the 25th wedding anniversary and gold with the 50th anniversary has roots in medieval Germany. These traditions have since been elaborated and adapted to suit modern American society. Although gems and jewelry are a timeless gift, there is a lot to be said for branching out into less conventional tokens of adoration. Need some ideas?

Celebrating Love: Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Women

  • Chocolate Rose Bouquet

Having a hard time choosing between flowers and chocolates? Then why not combine them? You can usually get them in a single rose, half dozen, or a full dozen. It’s a gift that’s both pretty and delicious.

  • Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

What better way to fill those long, winter nights than giggling over a personalized jigsaw puzzle? You can get wedding or vacation pictures printed and made into puzzles. It’s certainly a much more romantic way to spend the evenings than mindlessly watching late night television.

  • Music Jewelry Box

A beautiful jewelry box is a beautiful and practical gift, but you can make it even better by selecting a jewelry box that also plays music. That way every time she opens the box to fetch her favorite earrings, she’ll be greeted by a familiar tinkling tune.

Gift Ideas for Men

  • Collar Stays

If your man is the type who appreciates a crisp, professional looking collar on his dress shirts he probably uses collar stays. You can send a personal, romantic message by getting a set of collar stays engraved with a phrase of your choosing.

  • Beer of the Month Club

For men who enjoy a good brew you can purchase a subscription to a beer of the month club, which will provide him with a buffet of craft beers to quench his thirst. If you prefer gifts that involve a memorable experience rather than an item you could take him on a mini-vacation to a beer festival.

  • Watch Winder

A watch can be a man’s best accessory but if he doesn’t wear his watch every day a watch winder can be the perfect way for him to keep his watch safe, especially if it has sentimental value. Maybe it’s a watch from his father or a watch that you gave him for your first anniversary together.

And of course, you should never underestimate the power of a truly thoughtful gift. The unspoken and unwritten message of your gift should be, “I am so grateful for the time we’ve shared together and I look forward to many more anniversaries.”

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Written by Boris Muchnik of Music Box Attic