Cellulite Solutions, Anyone?

Almost 90% of women in the US alone are suffering from the dreaded dimpled skin appearance called cellulite. The same statistics holds true for UK women as well. No wonder that the war on cellulite is a war for all races against unruly cellulites. American spends a whopping $11 billion annually for beauty enhancements and procedures alone. The seemingly high standards of beauty showcased in print or TV lures women to undergo treatments and procedures to fit in the beauty standards set by the society.
Cellulite Solutions, Anyone
Fat freezing
From kneading, radio wave to suction, fat treatments each year is becoming more advanced. The current hot or should I say cool in the fat treatment procedures is the laser-lipo. The process involves shrinking of fat cells by lowering their temperature to a near-zero which will the body will instinctively eliminates weeks after. The good news about fat-freezing is that is painless and needle-free, just perfect for needle-phobics.

Liopsonix was the first FDA-approved treatment that targets stubborn fats on fat-prone areas of the body like thighs, abdomen and underarm flab and tighten them painlessly.  Currently, there are more advance treatments offering the same solution and are also FDA-approved like CoolSculpting. Due to the treatment’s minimal downtime recovery, it is been said that the patient can even undergo them even during their lunch break.

A firm, well-toned body is a summer-ready body.

Vaporising the fat
Cellulaze by far is latest craze among women as their preferred cellulite process. Unlike the first one, this is a laser treatment that does not involve freezing but instead melts the fat. The process works underneath the skin with the use of a laser fiber inserted into a septae – a skin tissue that causes fat pocket to bulge. The inside-out skin heating also promotes the growth of collage and elastin. This may sound a complex process, but this simply shows that the problem is dealt on its roots by melting the unruly humps and bumps on the skin’s surface known as cellulite. Once those septae are successfully severed, the bumpy skin appearance will be transformed into a smooth even out skin surface.

Unlike CoolScupting, Cellulaze is a minimally invasive treatment wherein patients were given local anesthesia. Skin bruising and soreness are expected days after the treatment. Patients will be required to wear compression clothing for a week or so. But this prerequisite is nothing knowing that the results are really impressive.

Other options available
If your pocket and pain threshold cannot push you to try out the above treatments, then you can resort to traditional anti-cellulite lotions and creams with high hopes that they can end your cellulite despair.  Who knows, the skin-tightening power of caffeine-infused creams and habitual cellulite massage will do their wonders to you.

How about you, what are your cellulite solutions?

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