Chatting Safety Tips For Your Children

You can now access the world via Internet, but the whole world can also access your computer… The world and all it has to hackers, viruses, cyber-thieves and Symantec. Besides the endless hours we spend on Gtalk, Yahoo, and many other networks to work, chatting online is primarily for children. Nevertheless, the responsibility to know the basics of safety in chat, up to adults and they can teach their children. While the following tips relate to the chat in general, they are especially aimed at children and their parents.

Chatting Safety Tips For Your Children.

1. Protect your Identity:

Do not choose a username using your real name and where you chat, never give any information that can be used to identify or locate you. This includes your name, pictures of you, and your school, where you go out with your friends and geographical information such as your region, your town, your street course.

2. Do not Trust Anyone:

You can chat with your friends online with no problem, but be aware that people online are often not the ones they say they are, so you should never meet someone with whom you are acquainted online. Even if you’re sure you know a person, remember that predators are very good to create a character and deceive children.

3. Chat Room vs. IM:

You should always use a secure chat room: but they are monitored by moderators, although it is not completely safe, because it does not prevent some people to start inappropriate conversations and say things that could make you ill at ease. Instant messaging are not necessarily safe either , do not accept an invitation from someone you do not know, and never give your password to instant messaging or chat to anyone, even friends.

4. Talk to your Parents:

Parents need to talk with their children about types of chat room in which they participate, and conversations that are appropriate and which are not. Allow the children to chat only with people that parents and children know personally is a safe approach. Children need to feel they can talk to their parents when a conversation becomes uncomfortable or inappropriate.

5. Stay Alert:

When it comes to chat, you must always remain vigilant. There are tons of predators that are very good at gaining the trust of children, parents and children must always be vigilant and know who they talk, what they talk about and what information they share. A parental control solution can help you strengthen these rules and ensure the safety of your children.

Regularly update your security software: you have installed security software. But do not forget that hackers are very productive individuals who create and disseminate new viruses constantly. To stop the latest attacks, you should schedule regular updates of your security software at least once a week preferably. It is very easy to update the software online. You can even schedule automatic search for available updates.

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