Child Safety: An Important Job For Parents

This is a topic that I find very important… Child Safety.  Imagine something very valuable so valuable you become nuts trying to protect your possession.  Say it’s a fancy car, a nice piece of jewelry an heir loom that has been passed down from generation to generation, heck money in the bank.  Whatever it is you want it protected and when something happens to it; you get extremely upset.  So you’re only choice is to protect it with your life.  Now imagine your child, your child is even more valuable than your favorite possession.  But your child is constantly making choices, some good and some bad.

Children need to learn about the outcome of their choices.  So when it comes time to making the right choice they’ve thought it through.  This is a tough lesson for children, it’s a lesson adults haven’t quite mastered that’s why you walk through a casino at 3:00 AM and people are hanging over the slot machines trying to make millions.  Point being learning to make good choices is a tough lesson to learn.  But a very important lesson that needs to be learned, when trying to protect your children.

Child Safety: An Important Job For Parents

I’ve Laid out a few Scenarios to share the Lessons I have Learned as a Parent…

Stranger Danger

This is a topic I think should be covered first and foremost.  Children are innocent and as a result they tend to be very trustworthy when it comes to trusting strangers.  Talking to strangers for the most part is a bad habit that becomes easily reinforced because most people are good.  The child goes up to a stranger seeks attention or help it is given and all of the sudden it is ok to go up to strangers.

To fight against this as parents we need to explain the possible situation.  Because most people are good this situation should be explained like this, “son, there are a lot of good people in the world and people that are willing to help you out.  But there’s also some people who are up to no good who ruin it for everyone else.  Son, we love you and we want you to be safe.  So the rule is do not leave with the stranger to go anywhere or do anything they ask you to do.  If you feel uncomfortable in anyway run for help.”

Confronted by a Bully

Most qualms are caused by a disagreement of some sort.  As adults we’ve learned that if we want to come to any sort of term we need to ask questions.  Why do you feel this way?  What is it that I have done to make you feel this way?  How can we come to better terms?  These are all questions that we as adults can use to resolve issues in our own life.  Bullying is very similar.

It is important to teach your child not to play the part of the victim, but to learn how to resolve issues the same way we do as adults.  Teach your child to stand their ground and that does not mean getting into a fight.  Role play with your child, their scenario to the point they feel comfortable confronting their bully.

Know where your Kids are

It is important to teach your child to have a routine.  Children live a busy schedule they go to school, they have friends, and some kids are involved in extracurricular activities.  Routines help your child with structure but they also help you know where your kids are at all times.  Another important lesson to go along with this is whenever your kids go somewhere be sure they know they need to let you know where they’re going.

Know your Child

Ask your child where they’ve been, what they did and who they were with.  You can protect your child simply by keeping up with them and knowing what they’re doing.

Whatever the situation use your parenting instincts to keep your child safe and protected.

Co-Author Bio

Sonnet, is an associate marriage and family therapist.  She also loves child development and has developed the new Sonni Pet, the stuffed animal with a warm heart and warm belly.