Choosing Wall Art To Enhance Your Home

Rooms in your home can be transformed by hanging art on your walls. However, selecting art that will be well liked and appropriate for your living space can be a little more tricky than you might first have thought. The choice can be overwhelming and it may be helpful to decide on the style that you’re going for as well as consulting other members of your household, so that your choice can be whittled down. By deciding whether you want to choose a traditional or well-known piece of art, or a more unusual modern piece you will be narrowing your selection and you will be able to choose your ideal art to personalise your home and please your household.
Traditional Art
Choosing Wall Art To Enhance Your Home
A traditional painting may be an obvious choice for an old-fashioned style sitting room, but this type of art may work equally well in a modern or Bohemian style house to create a more eclectic look. Paintings such as The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse or Constable’s The Hay Wain are classic pieces of art that will enhance your living space. Paintings depicting naked figures or love scenes can be ideal for a Bohemian bedroom to add a sense of the erotic without being lewd.  Douard Manet’s Olympia or Titian’s Venus Urbino would be ideal prints for a bedroom. Likewise Klimt’s The Kiss would also create a great mood for a bedroom.
Modern Art
Modern art can add a lot of colour and style to a bland and boring living space. You can choose from well-known pieces such as those by Andy Warhol, Mondrian or Kandinsky that will complement modern furnishings and decor. Less well known modern art that you’ll be able to find on any modern furniture or accessory website can just as easily personalise your home and you may find there are appropriate pieces for every room – for a much lower cost. You should bear in mind that you may be able to buy original modern art from local galleries and artists if it’s well-known art that you’re interested in.
Graffiti art is also very popular, however, you should consider the fact that you will need a large space to house some pieces so don’t choose this style if you don’t have the room for it.
Selecting art for your home can be complicated. By considering the type of art that will enhance the space in your home you will be able to choose pieces that will work with your decor and give pleasure to everyone.
Traditional, famous pieces may work well with old-fashioned decor and equally well in a Bohemian or more modern settings and modern art will complement most contemporary style homes so this mix and match of art and style is something that you should also bear in mind.