Choosing Your Bridal Attire For Your Wedding Day

A wedding is an affair when you hog the limelight and there would be no one else in the room prettier than you. But what kind of a look do you prefer on your wedding day? Do you want that sensuous, chic look or the innocent, Cinderella style? Either way, you have to consult with your beautician on the type of makeup you will be applying on your wedding day. Of course, you should show her your wedding dress or at least a photo of it so she has an idea of how to apply a dress rehearsal for the makeup.

Choosing bridal attire for your wedding day in India

Do you like the contemporary style or prefer to stay to the traditional dressing style for your wedding day in India? Do you want your wedding dress to contain the traditional wedding elements (detailed, later in the article)? The wedding dress should be flattering to your body and for this reason alone, you must be quite aware of the kind of body shape you possess. It is actually very easy to choose a wedding dress once you know that.

Choosing Your Bridal Attire For Your Wedding Day

What is your shape?


If you look like a pear, then you have a smaller bust size when compared to the lower half of your body. You must choose a dress that will accentuate your bust and enhance your hips and butt. A V-shaped blouse would be perfect for your wedding day if you are wearing a saree, or a V-shaped short blouse if you prefer to wear a lehenga.


Petite is when you are short and slim, so you need to wear an outfit that will make you look taller. U and V-shaped necklines would be perfect for the blouse you are going to wear on your wedding day. Lighter skirts would be much better than heavy skirts and the similar goes for dupattas too.

Plus size

If you are a bit on the heavy side, then for your wedding day you can wear a skirt that flows gradually to the floor and of course, it should be without any pleats. It should be a perfect fit or it will add pounds.

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Adornments worn by the women on her wedding day

Once you decide on the type of dress that will best accentuate your figure, you can concentrate on getting the bridal accessories ready for the wedding day. Did you know that there are about 16 accessories that beautify an Indian bride? Hindu mythology calls these accessories “Solah Shringar” or 16 adornments when literally translated. These are the adornments worn by women on her wedding day:

  1. Mehndi
  2. Wedding dress
  3. Gold and flower accessories for the hair
  4. Mangtikka, a hair accessory that is made of gold and worn in the central parting of the head right up to the forehead
  5. Bindi, an adornment a woman wears on the centre of the forehead
  6. Eye makeup
  7. Earring
  8. Necklaces
  9. Bangles
  10. Rings on the fingers and toes of the feet
  11. Nose ring
  12. Kamarband (a jewellery worn just below the waist)
  13. Vermillion power (Sindoor)
  14. Mangal sutra (chain made of black and gold worn by the groom)
  15. Anklets
  16. Fragrances