Clean or Bust: 5 Easy Steps For Your Spring Cleaning

After a long winter, the warm months are itching to pull you out of hibernation. From holidays to snow days, it’s easy to forget about weekly cleaning and let items accumulate in your home. Here are some ways to make your spring-cleaning easier.

1. Make a Cleaning Bucket

Most people feel like cleaning their home is a chore they must get through to get the results they want. However, this will help you feel like cleaning isn’t as hard as you thought. Make a cleaning bucket that holds everything you need to get this tough job done. Throw in all purpose cleaner, paper towels, old towels, scrub brushes, rubber gloves and even a toothbrush to clean those hard to reach places.

2. Clean Well and Clean Regularly

One of the most challenging parts to cleaning is understanding what to clean in your home, how to clean it and how often to clean it. Vacuum your carpets and rugs to get rid of dust and dirt that accumulates each week. Clean out your fridge and freezer to see what’s still good to eat. Wax wooden furniture so it gives off a rich sheen in the sunlight.

Clean or Bust: 5 Easy Steps For Your Spring Cleaning

3. Go Through Spare Rooms, Old Closets and Drawers

Somehow when you begin cleaning, you’ll find a multitude of things you never thought you had. Your closet is full of items and clothes you never wear anymore. Your drawers are stuffed with mementos from the past and your spare room holds furniture that you don’t want to toss out. Throw out what you don’t want anymore and place the rest in a Dayton storage unit or one near you. Choose a place that’s clean, safe and accessible to you.

4. Tackle the Outside

After a winter full of storms, cold temperatures and blustery winds, your yard needs some help! Spruce up the area outside your home by removing debris and raking old leaves. See if you need to make any repairs to your lawn mower since you’ll be trimming the grass soon. Start cleaning out your garden, too. You want the area to be ready to plant new trees, plants and flowers.

5. Don’t Forget the Small Things

After cleaning surfaces and scrubbing floors, you might forget the less tended spots that have taken a hit during the last few months. Take a look at your wooden fences and see if they need to be replaced or repainted. Laundry machines tend to collect detergent on the sides and become a messy disaster. Examine your business files and throw away any papers you no longer need.

With these tips and tricks, cleaning this spring won’t be as difficult as you thought it would be. Your home will feel like new again after you’re done!