Cleaning House: 7 Unique Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Stuff

It’s time to clean house and get rid of all the extra stuff you have lying around. But what are you going to do with all of it? Try these seven uncommon, but practical ways to get rid of your stuff.

Local Garage Sale Groups

Many communities have their own garage sale groups on social media sites such as Facebook. These groups are a great place to post items you want to get rid of. To find these groups, search your city name with “garage sale” or “online garage sale” after it.

Neighborhood Swap

Neighborhood swaps are similar to garage sales, but instead of selling items, you swap them with your neighbors. To find out about neighborhood swaps in your area, check your city’s official website or contact city hall.

Cleaning House: 7 Unique Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Stuff

Trade in Your old DVDs

Trade in DVDs for cash or credit at used video and entertainment stores. You may also be able to trade in items such as video games, consoles, and DVD players.

Furniture Banks and Refugee Services

Many families who are unable to afford furniture and other household essentials receive these items from local churches. Contact local churches to find out if they run furniture banks, refugee services, or are in need of any items for underprivileged families.

School Theater Department

Call schools in your area and ask them if they need any of the items you are getting rid of. Be sure to check with the theater department at these schools. They’re often looking for props and the items you are getting rid of could be just what they need.

Community Shelters

Homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and animal shelters are always in need of items such as blankets, coats, dishes, and even furniture. If you’re getting rid of any of these items, donating them to a local shelter is a great way to clear clutter in your home while helping out the community.


Libraries are almost always in need of books, magazines, and reference materials. Contact your local library to see if you can make a donation.

There are many ways to clean house and eliminate clutter beyond taking your stuff to the dump or Goodwill. Although these are great ways to get rid of some of your stuff, try the options listed here. You may gain some extra cash or have the satisfaction of knowing you did a good deed.