Codeine and All There Is To Know About It

Codeine and All There Is To Know About ItThe codeine UK is a famous drug which has been used for a while now to curb pains in the body. It can be used to soothe one in cases where there is mild and severe pain. The drug makes the brain feel like there is no pain in the body. The codeine binds to the receptors in the brain and promotes a feeling of well-being. The drug has also been used widely to cure dry cough and some cases of diarrhoea too.

This drug is made from a combination of a number of medicines and each of these medicines can be easily purchased form a pharmacy. To buy the codeine UK, one will need a prescription from a doctor.

What you need to see as a Patient?

If you are being told to take the codeine UK, you need to go through this checklist of people who shouldn’t take it.

  • You are going to be a mother or are breast feeding the child
  • You have bronchitis or asthma.
  • You suffer from a kidney condition
  • You have blood pressure problems
  • You have a stone in your gall bladder
  • You are addicted to consuming alcohol
  • You take drugs
  • You have a head injury which is severe
  • You use other medicines also like herbal ones apart from others prescribed by the doctor.

If have none of the above conditions then then you can use codeine UK safely.

How to use Codeine

Before one decided to purchase codeine UK it is better to speak to your doctor. Read the information leaflet that shall be provided to you inside the drug pack. The leaflet will give you information about the contents of the drug and also about the side-effects that you might face. The codeine UK must always be bought in a quantity that is required and not more than that.

If you forget to take the medicine, then take it whenever you do remember. Do not take two dosages together. It will harm the body.

Points to think about

  • For those people who are hooked to drinking, they need to let their doctors know of their addiction. If one does drink, the doctor will inform you to avoid drinking as when one takes the medicine and drinks alcohol, the body might react in a way that will deprive you of much needed sleep.
  • If you need codeine UK just be sure you follow the desired duration of the the medicine prescribed to you by your doctor. You should never take any medicine in a dose larger than what your doctor has told you to. Codeine if taken for a long time can cause the body to withdraw with symptoms of restless and anxiety if you try to quit.
  • If you intend to undergo an operation, the doctor performing the surgery must be well aware that you are on codeine. codeine UK  can be purchased from any chemist but make sure the medicines which you are continuing will not react with the codeine.
  • If your body requires of you to take codeine injections, a letter form the doctor who prescribed the drug in the first place is required. This is true especially if you are travelling abroad. You don’t need a letter in cases where you are using codeine tablets or drops.

Side Effects that might come to Light

If you have been using codeine UK you will be warned for side-effects. The thing is that most people do complain of them. However some people haven’t faced anything of this sort. With codeine UK one can feel pain in their stomach and a feeling of dizziness. Many folks claim to have headaches and feel uneasy while they are trying to lie down. Many people have felt the need to fall asleep more than once in the day after taking the drug. Some people have faced bad constipation which lasts for a good 7 days. If you face something like this, you must report it to your doctor immediately.

How to Store Codeine?

If you want to keep codeine UK safe from children, store the drug at such a place where children won’t be able to reach. Make sure that the drug is kept in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Codeine must not reach the hands of people who unnecessarily consume medicines because they get a high out of it. Codeine has adverse side-effects if the dosage is not carefully followed. One must never abuse their body and this goes for any medication.