Consider the Moving Costs Before You Start Packing

Moving costs can vary widely from one situation to the next, but one thing is always certain – no one wants to deal with the additional financial burdens that come with moving; they simply have to. Even though it’s no one’s favorite thing to think about, it’s important to be aware of these expenses ahead of time and plan accordingly. With foresight, it’s also possible to save money on all your moving-related services and cut the costs dramatically. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that goal.
Consider the Moving Costs Before You Start Packing
Hire the Right Moving Company
Sure, everyone wants to hire the right help, but how many actually take the time and put the effort in to make sure they’re making the best and most economical choice? More often than not, this decision is made in haste because there is just so much else going on during this hectic time. But it really pays off to do your homework here. Speak to three or more companies and consider exactly what you’re getting for the price, including insurance, packing materials and road tolls.

Get an In-Home Estimate
Most nationwide movers will be happy to give you an estimate by phone or email, but this won’t necessarily be an accurate figure. An in-home estimate, on the other hand, will take all the unique factors of your move into consideration. The movers should be able to get an accurate count of boxes and large items to be moved, which may drastically change the price compared to a general estimate.

Get the Scoop on Your Movers
Hiring professional movers is a big decision, and while the price is going to be a main concern, it isn’t worth it to hire a firm with a reputation for showing up late and damaging clients’ property just to save a few dollars. Before hiring a company to help with your relocation, whether it’s across town or across the country, make sure to do a background check. Then you can rest assured the price you’re paying doesn’t come at the expense of quality assurance.

Do What You Can on Your Own
It can get expensive to hire professionals, especially in cross-country moves. You don’t have to rely on nationwide movers for every part of the job, though. If you’re able to pack everything yourself, you can save money and know where everything is when you unpack if you rent a portable moving container. Once it’s packed up, the movers will pick it up, take it to the location of your choice and return for the empty container once you’ve unpacked everything into your new home. This gives you freedom, control and most importantly, it saves you money during a time when expenses are already running high.

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