Contemporary Living Room: Design Considerations

With all the technological breakthroughs and the increase of variety of material used for interior decoration contemporary design solutions are becoming more and more prominent. All the entertainment gadgets and time spent with them in living rooms, a place where we spend most of our inside time in, have made the traditional design somewhat out of place. If you feel like this and are considering switching to contemporary design ideas here are several design considerations that you should take into account for the transformation process to be completely successful. 

Color Pattern

Neutral color scheme is the trademark of modern design with white, black and beige being the foundation. However, individual contrasting items are more than welcome to stir things up a bit. Naturally, the choice and mood you will create depends solely on your preferences. A simple black and red sofa in a dominantly white room will make a statement, while more daring complementary colors scheme will make a dynamic and dramatic impact.

Contemporary Living Room: Design Considerations

Design Lines

Minimalist approach is what contemporary design is all about. Straight lines and angular shapes are dominant when it comes to furniture outlook. Therefore, square and rectangular items are preferred, as well as any other shape that has angular edges.  For example, it is not unusual to find triangular bookshelves fitting perfectly on the wall of modern designed living room.


When it comes to flooring, all kinds of stone materials are welcomed, concrete, granite, marble, to name just a few, with linoleum having its place too. Furthermore, in case of furniture and accessories metal, glass and different types of hard plastic will dominate. Still, do not fully expel wood. It surely has a spot in contemporary design, especially if you consider all the variety of possible finishes available today. On the other hand, if you prefer a simple design, black lacquered wood is perfect. When it comes to carpets and rugs, you should look for minimalist solution to achieve a contemporary look.

Contemporary Living Room: Design Considerations


Feel free to turn your living room in a modern art display area. Any modern visual art is welcomed, from paintings to statues or installations. However, just as in any other design area focus the attention on the best specimen, do not overdo with the number of items, a single one carefully chosen will do more good than a bundle of those picked solely because they are modern looking.


Lighting solutions are of essential importance when it comes to setting the atmosphere and providing that every design element you chose for your contemporary design has equal visual treatment. Still, apart from providing sufficient luminosity, your lighting fixture can be a significant part in the overall design. You can even go for one of those sleek, modern designer chandeliers since the choice of material and shapes available is such that you will easily find one that will fit the dominant design line.

Contemporary Living Room: Design Considerations


A modern design approach is a fertile ground for any technological advancement. The latest home stereo system with media servers and surround sound definitely fits in your living room if the space allows it. Home theatre with projector and foldable screen does as well. If the space is tight, at least include and iPod docking station, portable speakers and internet equipped Smart TV and make them a center of your entertainment world.

As it is the case with in any other design, and probably even more so, contemporary approach is based on details and how well they are incorporated in an overall designing idea. By implementing these fundamental postulates you will surely succeed in creating a modern living room and enjoy time spent in it.