Cozy Wedding: 7 Classy-Yet-Intimate Wedding Ideas

Cozy weddings are all about the place, details, and size of the guest list. Intimate weddings are typically soft-lit with close friends and family in attendance. Some of the best places to have a cozy wedding are the same places that large weddings are held. Forget the church, intimate weddings in the great outdoors are some of the most memorable.

Beach Wedding

A wedding on the beach with gentle ocean breezes fanning the wedding party and guests makes for a magical experience. Tons of spectacular pictures followed by snuggling next to a warm fire as the sunshine shimmers below the horizon is a dream day come true. Beach weddings are not just cozy; they are elegant, chic occasions. They are also easy to decorate since the backdrop is the gorgeous ocean view.

Farm Wedding

Having a farm wedding may not sound cozy, but it is easy to turn the farm into pure elegance. All it takes is finding the perfect setting for the vows, and the rest is simple. Satin bows, candlelit tables, plenty of strung lights, balloons, some ribbon, and a few rustic tables and chairs make the perfect atmosphere for a farmhouse wedding.

Cozy Wedding: 7 Classy-Yet-Intimate Wedding Ideas

Gazebo Wedding

Getting married in a gazebo is romantic, even without all the decor and lights. Add a few globes with candles or soft lights, a live band, and some festive flower arrangements and the gazebo is ready to welcome the bride and groom. Sites like have a wide selection of wedding customization ideas with gazebos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are all the rage with exotic places like Maui, Rome, Montego Bay, and Greece. Amazing photographs of destination weddings can be found at There are hundreds of places, ideas, and designs to explore. Mountain views, exotic tropical paradises, classic venues, and castles offer hundreds of ways to design a wedding.

Vineyard Wedding

Vineyard weddings are traditionally small and quaint. Family and friends gathering for the special event are treated to a variety of wines, cheeses, and appetizers after the big event. Sunsets in wine country offer vivid colors and elegant photo opportunities for the whole family. Decorating is a piece of cake with some wine barrels, wine glasses, silk table runner, lots of grapes, and some classic flower arrangements.

Garden Wedding

Getting married in a garden is one of the most elegant ways to tie the knot. Summer and fall gardens in full bloom take place of traditional flower arrangements. Springtime buds and early flowers offer radiant views and a soft, quiet atmosphere. The natural aromas and fresh air invigorate the entire wedding party on the special day.

Club Weddings

Weddings at country clubs, golf courses, and resort hotels are also great places to enjoy the great outdoors. Usually club weddings are considered large gatherings, but with a bit of downsizing, they can be just as posh without the crowd. It also gives everyone a place to play after the reception while the bride and groom go off on their own. Choosing the perfect place to exchange vows is the key to making a club wedding magical.

A quiet, intimate wedding can take place anywhere, but getting married in the open gives the ceremony an enchanted feeling. The bride and groom seem more relaxed, and wedding guests are often surprised at how splendid an outdoor venue can turn out. Getting married outdoors offers beautiful, natural backdrops and exquisite experiences. Marrying a soul mate next to a breathtaking waterfall makes a memorable experience that no one is likely to forget. Adding soft light, chic decor, and personalized details to any outdoor venue help create a classy and intimate wedding experience.