Creating Features in Your Home

Interior decorating magazines would often have us believe that creating the perfect feature in your home is as simple as pie, but most of us know the reality. It can be one stressful nightmare after another trying to come up with a feature focus that looks individual, stylish and, most importantly, is affordable.


This is the simplest way to create a feature in your house; all you need is a can of paint and a paintbrush! Whatever the colour of your room, whether it’s bright pink or soft eggshell, painting one wall a completely different colour instantly creates a feature. It really works best with more neutral shades on three walls and your strong selection on one wall, but it is up to you. Painting a chimney breast a different colour is a particularly striking look that is so easy to do.

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You may not realise it but you might already have that ideal piece of focal furniture in your house but don’t even know it. Reorganising your existing furniture and having a swap-around can give you a new perspective and help you decide what looks better and where. For example, moving a rocking chair from a spare room to your conservatory gives the whole room a welcoming, summer-house feel – so give it a try!

Light Up

If you don’t fancy redecorating you could try using lighting to create a new look for your rooms. A stylish floor lamp can really set off a tired living room and give it a classy touch. Likewise you may find that a dimmer switch or wall lamps in your bedroom give it a new intimate feel. If you really want to go all out, try switching your regular bulb for a red-tinted one. But be warned, this is a style for the brave only!

Get Crafty

You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to get a new feature focal point for your room. Think about what makes you happy and what you want to see everything you enter the room and go from there. A photo collage is a great way of displaying all your favourite pictures of friends and family, either in one big frame or several smaller ones. Or perhaps you want to feature the work of your children with an art display? Whatever you decide, make sure it has that personal touch.

Window Dressings

Sometimes the trick to making the perfect feature is working with what you already have. A bow window in your living room can be dressing to create a marvellous feature in a few simple steps. First, decide what kind of drapes, curtains or shades that you want – there are many different kinds so shop around. Long flowing curtains look fantastic in a summer breeze, while Roman shades from The Shade Store can really brighten up the room with amazing colour. Next, think about the statement you want to create. Do you want a window with the ‘wow’ factor or something that subtly fits in with the rest of your décor?