Creative Uses for Objects in Your Home

Great efforts have been made in years past to recycle items. While it may be good for the planet, it can be a cost-efficient approach at organizing the house and producing a shabby-chic look. Reusing furniture and other items for other purposes eclectically beautify the home. Consider these options for ideas of your own.

Rain Gutter Planters

Planters made from rain gutters accomplish several benefits. Depending upon the amount of planters desired and the height of plants to be planted, place gutters along the outside of the home at varying levels. Space them apart as desired. Either plants or vegetables may be planted.

Rain Gutter Planters

Rain gutter planters: help to keep the home cool; decorate the exterior of the home; save space; keep vegetables off the ground and away from particular pests; keep weeds apart from plants; are efficient at watering; keep plants from being trampled; help to keep plants properly watered; and avoid the need to bend over to tend to plants.

Lawn Chair Shelves and Makeshift Closet

Old lawn chairs that feature flat seating and a bar connecting the lawn chair’s legs make excellent shelves and a place to hang clothes. This form of repurposing chairs serves as an additional closet that saves space. Place hooks on the wall or other method for securing the chairs to the wall that is sturdy enough to withstand the weight. Either secure screws into studs or use wall anchors meant to withstand high amounts of weight. Use as many chairs as needed and place them as high as needed.

Baby Crib Desk

Old wooden cribs can make wonderful desks. Remove the drop-down side or remove one side from the crib. Adjust the bottom of the crib to the desired height. For extra creativity, use blackboard paint on the crib’s bottom board or cut a piece of wood to fit the dimensions and paint to create a blackboard for doodling or notes. Place hooks around the other sides of the crib to hang cups, boards, calendars and other items needed for the personal work space.

Shoe Holder for the Pantry

Plastic sheets with several slots designed to hold shoes make for excellent storage in the pantry. Simply attach the sheet to the door of the pantry to place items in. Such items that can be stored in the shoe holder include: candy; small spice containers; baggies; chips; condiment packages; ties; clips; and other small items, such as magnets, that are needed in the kitchen.

Clever Shelving

Use various types of tables, chairs and shelves to create a wall of storage space. The beauty of this project is that virtually anything can be used—whether it matches or not—and can be painted one color to tie in the total look. Paint items as needed and use different methods to secure to the wall to prevent anything from falling. Wall anchors are useful if screws cannot be secured to studs.

Repurposing items in the home not only saves money, but provides an expressive way to utilize what’s available to provide a one-of-a-kind and custom-fit home.

Jason Kane is an avid home décor blogger and furniture designer. He writes for Superior Table Pads, and recommends them for all your dining room table pad needs.