Crested Wedding Glasses Make A Great Wedding Favor

Wedding season is almost over. Thank god! I’ve been to over 5 this year and it’s taken its toll. My friends all like the drink and party so each wedding has been tough on my ailing 32 year old body

I do enjoy seeing my friends being happy and being with them on their special day. I also enjoy the weddings themselves. All five this season was fantastic. From a beach wedding in Tofino BC to a mountain wedding in the Rockies, each one had it’s own theme.

My friend Chris and his new wife Ashley had a great wedding. But they did something really cool. At each table they provided a wine glass that was engraved with their names and date on them. This form of custom drinkware was really special and something I will keep for a long time. It helps too that I love to drink wine and the glass is very nice. But I thought it was a great wedding gift. It was something very simple but very unique. Especially when compared to some of the gifts I heard others get this year.

Crested Wedding Glasses Make A Great Wedding Favor

My brother went to a co-workers wedding and got a fish. And a bowl! How exciting is that. Another friend said they went to a cousins wedding in Toronto and they got jam. Yes, jam! Thanks for flying all that way.

And that’s the thing with wedding favors. They should be memorable and something people can keep for a long time. A fish is going to die and if the jam is any good, it will be gone in a matter of weeks. Especially at my house, I love peanut butter and jam!

This is why I loved the idea of the crested wine glasses. I will keep it for as long as I can, baring any accidents! It also helps that the cresting was done very nicely. I’ve heard of people giving away other personalized drinkware like custom water bottles to guests. Obviously the water bottles were very nice or else it’s tacky.

Now some of you who are having a wedding coming up might be thinking, why do I even have to get wedding favors for attendees? And you don’t really because you are most likely already paying for food and some drinks. Weddings do add up and getting favors for everyone only adds to the cost. But these people said they would come and it is nice to show appreciation that they did come.

So as a male, I highly suggest getting wedding favors for your guests. Just make sure that it is memorable and useful. In the case of my wine glass, I’m drinking out of it right now!