Date Night Options for the Whimsical Girl

Date Night Options for the Whimsical GirlIs it just me or has dating, especially first dates, become ordinary and predictable? While that may do it for some, the chance to take on a more non-traditional approach to dating seems appealing. Off-the-wall date ideas might filter out winners from losers more quickly. And you can learn a ton about the person in a short amount of time. Here are a few such suggestions to take the monotony out of first dates.

Breaking and Entering

What better way to introduce yourself to a potential significant other than a little breaking and entering? Often abandoned buildings can offer what I call urban spelunking — exploration of the dilapidated. You never know what you might find, probably anything from graffiti to old furniture to bums. But maybe you hit the jackpot and find a romantic little hideout. Safe from prying eyes. And cops. Just remember, if the lock was broken, it’s only trespassing.

The Drunk Bar Date

Now you don’t have to be a big drinker to implement this date idea. Have the person meet you at a bar rather than the typical dinner date. Start suggesting shots and Long Island Iced Teas straight off the bat. See how they respond.

If you’re going to spend a weekend night on a stranger, you may as well tie one on at the same time. Plus, you can learn a lot about a person after they’ve had a few. From exes to secrets to music, it’s all just a whiskey and coke away.

The Tailgate

If you’re an avid sports fan, this one’s for you. Invite your date to a football tailgate. Don’t forget to pick up some New York Giants tickets, first. Then, when your date arrives at the tailgate, you can introduce them to your overly zealous, football-crazed friends, gorge yourself on food, and have a few beers. If your date can stomach all of that, they’re a keeper.

A Test of Character

This one is perfect for a casual date as well. Have the setting be a bar or coffeehouse and have your phone ready. Arrive early. When your date arrives, they will undoubtedly text you and ask your location. That’s when you give them the run around. Say you’re by the jukebox. Say you’re by the bar. Say you’re outside.

The key here being that you’re constantly moving and you are nowhere near the place you mentioned. Observe their behavior from a distance. Finally, let them find you and describe how you were testing their character. Only keepers will appreciate your annoying wit. Then, make them decide what to do next.

Fake Birthday Date

While dishonesty is never a strong way to start a relationship, if used in a joking manner it can be pure gold. Upon meeting your date, wherever it might be, make hints that it’s your birthday.

Eventually you will get the other person to mention this to the unexpecting waiter or bartender and you’ll receive a birthday dessert or shot. Repeat on subsequent occasions. Admit the lie to your date and see how they react.

These are just a few options for taking the traditional date and adding a little style. Come up with a few on your own. Have you gone on any non-traditional dates?

Author Bio:

Eric Schad is a freelance writer that is currently traveling the world. When he’s not behind his laptop writing articles, he enjoys experiencing the culture of foreign places and playing guitar. He graduated from the University of Tampa in 2007 with degrees in Finance and Music. He currently resides in New Zealand.