Debunking Some Myths About Asian Men

Asian men, with their dark hair, seductive eyes, quirky habits and mysterious ways, can be highly attractive to many women. Although it has to be said that, similar to almost every race, Asian men have a fair few myths attached to them. Let’s take a look at debunking some of these myths, as with any race, class, gender or ‘group,’ it is unfair to tar everyone with the same brush.
Myth one:     Asian men are only attracted to thin women
Debunking Some Myths About Asian Men
Some men prefer thin women, some men prefer curvier women, whilst some men simply love having love handles to grab hold of! The truth is that, whilst Asian men generally have a smaller physique compared to western men, this doesn’t necessarily mean all Asian men prefer their women to have tiny frames. We are all individuals and have our own individual tastes and preferences, and none more so which members of the opposite sex we are attracted to.
Myth Two:     Asian men are not romantic
Whether you are the kind of woman who expects her man to open the door open as you get in and out of the car and to be given roses and breakfast in bed every morning, or are the type of lady who retorts in disgust at the prospect of being ‘patronised’ by such endeavours, men can be intensely romantic, utterly hopeless in romance or anywhere in between, regardless of their race.
Myth three:     If you marry an Asian man you will marry the whole family
OK so marriage might be the last thing on your mind when you go on a first date, although it is a sensible idea to look at ‘the whole picture.’
It is fair to say that Asian people are family orientated and loyalty towards their families is very strong. Whilst plenty of women, particularly if marriage and babies is high on their agenda, may regard this as a good thing, there may be some women who would prefer to keep their independence and the idea of ‘marrying someone’s mother’ or ‘sister’ may fill them with dread.
What we are looking for in a relationship is an extremely personal and individual preference and it is safe to surmise that a partner’s personality will surpass any stereotypes, whether they are true, exaggerated or even entirely fabricated.
Myth four:    Asian men are all bossy
Again the surmise that all Asian men are bossy is unfairly tarring a whole race with the same brush. Whilst some Asian men are likely to be bossy, others are equally as likely to be shy and submissive. Everyone has different personality traits, regardless of the colour, ethnicity or geographical location, that’s what makes the human race as wonderfully diverse as it is.

Christine Brookes has been married to an Asian man for more than 25 years and is keen to dispel any stereotypes about Asian men by writing for sites such as