Decorating Miami Luxury Apartments In Style

Apartment shopping, and then furniture shopping, can be both stressful and exciting simultaneously.  With so many high rises and locations to choose from, finding the best solution for your job, location and budget can be painful unless there are some great reviews to read and choose your apartment from.  We now examine the top luxury apartments in Midtown Miami that offer excellent views, great amenities and affordable costs for single professionals, retired couples or small families just starting out in the city.  Finally, we’ll close with decoration facts.

Forest Place Apartments

A carefully designed apartment community with several great floor plans to choose from, this grandiose apartment setup has excellent move-in specials, fair pet policies and two-year leases without surprise rent upcharges.  They are roughly ten minutes from the downtown and Midtown districts, offering panoramic views from their top floor.  Maintenance and leasing staff are fast, friendly and knowledgeable of the apartment industry and do anything to make your experience memorable.


Marina del Mar Apartments

Considered to be the ‘America Riviera’ of apartment living, these are perhaps the most luxurious apartments in Midtown Miami, carrying the prices to prove such.  Most are 1-2 bedrooms while the walk to Sunny Isles Beach is quickly accomplished.  Shopping is nearby, and one can reserve their apartment for $950.  Other move-in specials are commonly posted on their website, and they profess their ability and desire to take care of their tenants.

Santa Clara Apartments

Settle down into the country-style living society found under the big city lights by choosing this apartment community located just slightly north of Midtown Miami.  Very close to local transportation, within walking distance of many necessities, and plenty of floor plans are available.  They have units available up to 3 bedroom apartments, and always offer excellent move-in specials.


Park Place

Located close to Bay Shore and within throwing distance of many fun activities, these apartments in Midtown Miami will sure fit your lifestyle comfortably.  Offering on-site Yoga classes and amenities which are out of this world, Park Place has long been the choice for busy professionals and singles who want upscale living for downscaled prices.

Los Suenos

Elegance and convenience best describe these apartments located in Edgewater, which is conveniently located near the many midtown Miami activities which occur year round.  Personalized floor plans and excellent management make this choice apartment community on many professionals’ top 5 lists.  There is an available fitness center on-site and plenty of dining surrounds these apartments in Midtown Miami district.

Furnishing Your Apartment

Furnishing your home can be fun, but for many people, the prospect of wandering around a furniture showroom and then still having to wait for delivery of their furniture (because so many things won’t fit in a car or aren’t held in stock) seems a bit pointless when it is so easy to order things online. Of course, when you order online there are loads of choices and you can get great deals, but you are basing your buying decisions on photographs rather than being able to see and feel the product, which can lead to some disappointment.  Thanks to Jurgen Klanert CEO of Fabrooms and his company, many home décor pieces are available for the taking for less than you’d think.

For dining rooms:

Trying to create a new look for your dining room can probably seem like a nightmare if you are restricted to a budget, especially when you’re going for a complete style overhaul. Here are some example style ideas for you, to give you inspiration on how to give your dining room a dramatic make over, which will leave it looking glamorous, and all without breaking the bank.

For farmhouse style kitchens:

If you envision a farmhouse, you may think of a full-on sprawling ranch with acres upon acres of land and loads of animals to care for. If you are fortunate enough to live that sort of lifestyle, kudos. For others, it’s possible that this may be too much to handle. However, if you enjoy the history and charm that the farmhouse style emits, why not try the style in one room? No need to go full house just yet.