Determining The Overall Condition Of Second Hand Ride On Mowers

Used MowersWhilst most sellers will include a detailed description of a second hand ride on mower that they are trying to sell and photographs to back up their claims, it is important to note that not all descriptions are thorough enough. It is your responsibility to ask the questions that you need answers to, as this will ensure that you have the information needed to make a decision. The main thing that you should do is try to determine the overall condition of the mower, as you want it to be as good as possible.

Major Specifications

These details are often included in the description of the mower and provide you with some very important information, such as:

  • The make, such as Honda or Husqvarna
  • The model, such as an RZ4219 or an Lt1042
  • The age, even just an estimate
  • The engine size (in horsepower)
  • The cutting deck size (in inches)

Cosmetic Condition

Unfortunately, the cosmetic condition of a ride on mower can vary greatly with the age, amount of use and level of care that the machine has received. For some buyers, the appearance of the mower is not of much concern but to others the appearance is very important.

  • A general description of the cosmetic appearance of the mower;
  • How many scratches there are and where they’re located;
  • How many dents there are and where they’re located;
  • If there is any rust present, how much and where it is located;
  • The condition of the seat, such as signs of wear and tears;
  • The condition of the light covers and if they’re damaged; and
  • The condition of any accessories and other components.

Mechanical Condition

The mechanical condition of the mower might be a little harder to determine, but you should ask questions relating to its hours of use, what it has been used for, the frequency of its use and so on. You might also want to ask questions relating to the maintenance the machine has received.

  • How many hours the machine has been used;
  • How regularly the engine has been serviced;
  • When the mower was last serviced and what work was completed;
  • Whether the engine blows any smoke or not;
  • Whether the engine starts on the first go or not; and
  • The condition of parts including the air filter, battery, belts, blades, lights, gearbox, nose cone, pulleys, spark plugs, starter motor and tyres.

Even after you have asked the seller questions relating to the cosmetic and mechanical condition of the used/second hand ride on mower, it is important that you undertake your own inspection of the machine to ensure that you are satisfied with the honesty of the seller. Most will be happy for you to come and inspect the machine and take it for a test ride before purchasing; you should question the reasoning for those who aren’t. If the seller doesn’t advertise that inspections are welcome, it never hurts to ask.