Determining The Perfect Bathroom Sink

 Stone Sink

For most guys, the bathroom is a just a place to bathe, brush their teeth and do the usual morning deed. No pun intended boys, but am I right? Well for us ladies, the bathroom is actually more than that. Alicia Keys said, “If I want to be alone, some place I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom.”

Ok, it was actually weird how emotionally loaded that intro was – and I was talking about bathrooms!?

Anyway, I think I just wanted to express how (ironically or not ironically?) a bathroom is actually a place of cleansing. So if you’re bathroom looks like a monster’s crib, you are right to revamp it. But before you start looking at catalogues of stone sinks and talking toilets, here’s are some bathroom hullaballoos that should help you in choosing the perfect bathroom sink.

Pedestal, Wall-mount, Above-counter or Drop-in?…

The sink sets the tone for the entire bathroom. That’s why we suggest choosing this before anything else (this isn’t actually me, it’s from American Standard’s website… but they do have a point). Most people will choose a sink that just looks beautiful, but trust me, you do need to know which type suits you best.

For instance, you might be one who uses a lot of product – make-up and skin care stuff, or probably a collection of perfume – I’d say you should go with a drop-in. That gives you plenty of countertop space.

Got a small bathroom? Wall-mounts are great space savers. Pedestals usually go on guest bathrooms because they’re neat and simple.

What’d Be A Good Design?

Another factor in choosing the perfect bathroom sink is your personality. Are you one who needs a bathroom to relax and enjoy a good bubble bath? I think you’ll appreciate an earthy feel, like that of a spa. There are beautiful stone sinks that echo nature’s feel.

Are you an eccentric artist who’s into creativity and colors? Ceramic sinks are cheap, but also boring ‘cause it’s usually in white. Fortunately, a few brilliant minds realized that and started adding splashes of color. I have a neon green pedestal sink in my apartment and it’s really cool.

Fancy Some Add-ons?

I’ve been into stickers lately. You know those wall stickers that spice up a black wall. Well, you can put them in your bathrooms as well. I have plenty of wall stickers in my room. Mostly they’re favourite quotes from books I’ve read. I just put one in the bathroom in front of the sink that says, “Wash your hands, soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul.” My friends love it.

Since my bathroom looked just the way I wanted it to, I have found it to be my place of solitude. I can relax, I can paint, heck I can even eat there ‘cause it’s spic and span. Hope your bathroom turns out to be one of your favourite places as well.