Detox Your Home

Is your home toxic? Toxins don’t just happen from environmental poisoning or from inhaling too much exhaust fumes; in fact there are many toxic elements that could be in your home. In the spirit of spring cleaning and going even deeper look at these possible perpetrators.
Detox Your Home
Dry Cleaning
In the closet you want to look at your clothes. If you get them dry cleaned, remove the plastic wrap. Do not allow the plastic wrap to stay in your closet because it can trap chemicals. The air can become more polluted with the plastic pouches covering your clothes. Limit dry-cleaning as much as possible to only what is absolutely necessary.

Make sure you use a dry cleaner has stopped using harmful chemicals. They can be linked to damaging effects on the human body such as cancer.

Instead of trying to kill mouths with mothballs, use cedar chips. Their natural and can still create the same effect.

At your front door
Leave your shoes by the front door. When you wear your shoes in your house you can track toxins that come from outside. Such as pesticides and contamination. Wash your hands every time you enter into your home.

Dust mites are dangerous and can live-in every area of your home. If your bedroom has dust, make sure you protect your pillowcases and mattresses from dust mites.

Excessive dust mites give people asthma. If your pets are sneezing a lot or you find yourself waking up with a runny nose. Chances are you have a dust mite explosion and you may be allergic.

In the kitchen
Don’t microwave plastic ever. Cover you small plates and don’t put your head in front of microwave.

Sponges can have a lot of germs on them too. Instead you want to use washcloths for the kitchen. You can wash the dishcloths regularly and bleach them weekly. Where as sponges will hold bacteria and sometimes extra germs on them.

Open your windows
Open your windows as often as possible, this will let fresh air inside and it will make your home feel more natural.

The circulation of air can help improve your air quality in the home. This can also help improve asthma. If you feel like your home is a toxic environment these simple steps can help you feel more comfortable in your home space after all home is where the heart is, make sure it’s a healthy heart.

Shannon Kaiser is a home decorating nut who loves to keep a clean home. She shops at Tiffany Home Designs, a Portland home staging comapny for inspirational ideas.