Did You Know?: Historical and Entertaining Christmas Facts

So here we have for you a few interesting facts relating to how the tradition of Christmas has changed over the years. Some are truly eye opening and some are perhaps a little more well known. Either way we hope you enjoy reading them and sharing them with friends:

1. The Origin’s of the Christmas Tree –

The Christmas tree only became popular in Britain in 1841 when Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert insisted that one there was one placed in Windsor Castle over the festive period in keeping with German Christmas tradition. When the royal family were photographed around the tree to be illustrated in a newspaper the trend caught on. The Germans were to later construct the first artificial tree using goose feathers.


2.  The First Christmas Card –

The first commercial Christmas card is thought to have originated in London in the winter of 1843 when civil servant Sir Henry Cole decided he was too busy to write individual Christmas greetings to his family, friends and colleagues and therefore asked his friend the painter John Callcott to design a card with an image and brief greeting that he could mail instead. Over the years the concept of the Christmas card has evolved greatly and greetings can now be digitally sent via e-cards and photo cards. One such website providing great quality photo cards at outstanding prices this festive season will be www.ChristmasPhotocards.co.uk where you can currently pre-order your cards ahead of this Christmas.

3. Santa’s suit hasn’t always been Red –

It was in fact Coca Cola who constructed the image of the red suit wearing Santa (to comply with Coca Cola’s brand colouring)  that we so often associate with Christmas nowadays. In a bid to make the product popular amongst the post war depression suffering European market in the 1950’s American marketers embraced the idea of St Nicholas – a children’s story about a man that gave willingly to poor children – and created the red and white clad, jolly, gift giving St Nicholas that we know today. It is told that the legend of St Nicholas was believed to have dressed in green previous to this concept of Santa that Coca Cola wished to create.

4. Seeing Double –

As the festive season approaches many parents will be taking their children to see Father Christmas in department stores and other similar locations across the country. However, taking children to see Santa Claus is particularly popular in the U.S. when each year there are approximately 20000 “rent-a-Santas” across the country.These “Rent-a-Santas” usually undergo seasonal training on how to maintain a jolly attitude under pressure from the public.

We hope the facts above caught the attention your curiosity just as much as they stole ours!