Do It Yourself – 5 Fancy Desserts You Can Make At Home

You don’t need to be a world-class patisserie to whip up some extravagant treats for yourself and your family. Roll up your sleeves and put away the Betty Crocker, because your kitchen is about to get a lot fancier!

Do It Yourself - 5 Fancy Desserts You Can Make At Home

Cold Zabaglione

It takes just 30 minutes to whip up some cold zabaglione, making it the perfect last-minute addition to a fancy dinner or garden party. This Italian dessert is made of finely-whipped cream and egg yolk that is then sprinkled with sugar and poured into wine glasses for a chilled, sophisticated look. Top it off with a delicate garnish of strawberries or chocolate shavings to complete the effect.

White Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Impress your guests by floating out a bowl of white chocolate raspberry tart. All you’ll need to do is heat a mixture of whipping cream, mascarpone cheese and white chocolate chunks until the blend is soft and smooth, easily poured into your pastry shell and topped with as many vibrant raspberries as you can stand. The result? An instant classic and one that looks just as delectable as anything out of a gourmet magazine.

Do It Yourself - 5 Fancy Desserts You Can Make At Home

Cheesecake Squares

Smooth chocolate meets creamy filling in this recipe for chocolate-covered cheesecake squares. Your teeth will puncture the crisp chocolate coating while your tongue delights in the velvety goodness of its rich cheesecake center. As a bonus, this recipe can also be easily substituted with box mixes or cake kits if your baking skills aren’t quite up to the task of an elaborate dessert.

Baklava Cups

Bring a bit of Asia to your plate with syrupy-sweet baklava cups. You’ll need phyllo dough, the kind that’s only available at specialty stores, but the rest of the ingredients are already in your cupboard. Simply stir a collection of honey, sugar and mixed nuts together in a bowl until the nuts are deliciously and uniformly coated, then pour the mixture into pinched phyollo cups and bake until golden brown. The honey should be dripping down the sides of your warm, toasted and sugary treat from the very first bite.

Rum Cake

Do It Yourself - 5 Fancy Desserts You Can Make At Home

Cakes aren’t just for birthday parties: Adult cakes can provide a slice of sweetness to perfectly complement an after-dinner coffee. This rum cake, for example, combines crunchy pecans with a silky pudding-and-butter combination that will melt in your mouth as surely as sunrise. The smooth gold rum only adds to the richness of the cake and the moisture felt in every mouthful.

These are just a few decadent desserts that you can make all by yourself, no Gordon Ramsay required. Just be sure to lick the bowl afterwards as a private reward for all your hard work!