Do The Deli: Supporting Small Town Grocery Stores For Quality Foods and Produce

Deli meats and cheeses were once the quintessential food staples of picnics and lunchboxes. They are ideal travel companions as they are quick to assemble, offer a great variety of flavors, and easy to handle on the road. However, recently, deli counters have been offering more sophisticated and superb quality products that are perfect for canapés, appetizers, or even time-saving dinner options for those busy nights. Moreover, with the advent of specialty foods emphasizing healthy cooking ingredients, small town grocery stores have become the mecca for fresh deli products from nitrate free salamis to goat cheese Camemberts. If you are still wondering why you should support your local deli, below are a few reasons you may like to consider.

Fresh Deli Products

True, it is possible to buy sliced cheese, ham, or salami pre-packaged from the refrigerated section of your grocery store, but many shoppers prefer to use the deli counter instead. When shopping at the deli, you do not have to worry about the preservative gas often used in pre-packed meats. At the deli counter you can see, and sometimes even taste, the products before buying them. Moreover, you can ask the deli clerk to slice your selections just the way you like them.

Do The Deli:  Supporting Small Town Grocery Stores For Quality Foods and Produce

Saving Money

One of the best parts of shopping at the deli is that you do not need to buy large quantities of the products you need. For instance, if you only need a few slices of ham or pepperoni for tonight’s homemade pizza, you can easily buy the right amount at deli for the fraction of the price you would pay for the pre-packaged variety. The same is also true for the deli salad bar that often offers fresh olives, peppers, or mushrooms.

Trying Out New Cuisine

If you are often curious about new food products or other culture’s cuisine, the deli can be your best friend. You can easily organize a wine and cheese tasting party through Europe right in your living room just buy perusing your grocery store’s deli counter. Using fresh deli products will help you create a nutritious and versatile menu without the added burden of having to learn complicated recipes and cooking methods.

Getting to know your deli counter is in your best interest. You can ask your deli’s clerk about the freshness of their products, the day of the week they receive new shipments, or how to use certain ingredients and pair them with other items on your menu.